Rotunda Electrics (Audio)

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Sound equipment available? Yes

Variable acoustics? No, but the theatre is fairly live acoustically.

Mixing Console

Location: Booth/balcony
Type: Allen and Heath MixWiz 14-4-2
Number of inputs: 14
Number of outputs: 6

Number of Aux. Outputs:6

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Additional Mixers

Location: Booth / Balcony
Type: Presonus Studio Live
Number of inputs: 16
Number of outputs: 6

Number of Aux. Outputs:4

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Quantity: 4
Manufacturer: Yamaha. P2700

Power 350W into 8 ohms. Stereo

Manufacturer: QSC USA 850

Power: 200W into 8 ohms. Stereo

Manufacturer: QSC RMX 850

Power: 225 W into 8 ohms Stereo

Manufacturer: Yamaha P2150

Power: 150W into 8 ohms. Stereo


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Speakers and Moniters

Quantity: 2
Type:JRX 100, 2 Mains, 2 Subs, 2 monitors
Location: as required

Addition speakers may be available - consult TD

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Playback Devices

Qty: 1
Type: Computer
Specs:: PC, Delta 10-10 sound card

Qty: 1
Type: CD
Manufacturer: Marantz
Model No.: PMD 321

Qty: 1
Type: CD. With remote
Manufacturer: Tascam
Model No.: 401

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Signal Processing

Qty: 1
Type: Multi-effect processor
Manufacturer: Yamaha
Model No.: EMP700

Qty: 2
Type: 15 band EQ
Manufacturer: Yamaha
Model No.: 2015

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Quantity Brand Model Normal Use Wired/Wireless Type Power
1 Shure SM58 Vocal Wired Handheld No req.
1 Yamaha MZ105Be Vocal Wired Handheld No req.
1 Yamaha MZ203Be Instrument Wired Handheld No req.
5 Sennheiser EW 300 G2 Vocal Wireless 3 Handheld, 3 headset 2 AA
1 Apex 191 Instrument Wired Pencil Phantom
4 Apex 185 Vocal Wired Pencil Phantom
1 AudioTechnica Pro 127L Vocal Wireless Headset 9V


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Microphone Stands

Qty: 6
Type: Various: Stick, boom, desktop

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Wiring Information

All wiring installed on a show by show basis

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Intercom System

1 Telex BTR200 master with 1 channel, 2 Wireless Beltpac Headsets
6 Clearcom 501 belt pack with headsets.

Video program sound to greenroom / dressing room
no paging to dressing rooms,  no hearing assist system

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Sound Power Source


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