Office: Carruthers Hall, Room 306
Telephone: (613) 533-6000, ext.77485
e-mail: salversn@queensu.ca

Julie Salverson is currently teaching second year playwriting (Drama 251) and her senior seminar on aesthetics, ethics, and witnessing stories of violence (Drama 476).

Salverson's current research, writing and performance interests include: Canada's involvement in the development of the atomic bomb (continuing work from a SSHRC funded project with Peter Van Wyck, Concordia University); the comedic and absurd as approaches to witnessing violence beyond an aesthetic of injury and spectacle; the relationship between afor opera Shelter, composer Juliet Palmer, producer Tapestry New Opera Works (Toronto), musical director Wayne Strongman, Director Keith Turnbull. esthetics and ethics in translating stories of violence; Creative non-fiction and its place in scholarship; the role of the imagination in learning and development.

The Haunting of Sophie Scholl

1. Librettist : This is a clown opera and fable about the atomic bomb. A newly married couple give birth to a radioactive child and try to hide her from the world. The opera has had four workshops, final full workshop planned for 2011, production date 2012.
2. Writing book The Secrets of Others: An Atomic Memoir, results of the research project The Highway of the Atom: memory, the witness and the archive (with Peter Van Wyck. Peter's book The Highway of the Atom is due fall, 2010 from McGill Queen's University Press).
3. A Military Town: For fifteen years Salverson has given drama workshops at the Royal Military College, involving RMC and Queen's students. She is now exploring a long-term community play project with the English Department at RMC and Queen's students, exploring the role of the military and its relationship to the city of Kingston.
4. Writing book Witnessing a Tragic World: theatre, testimony and the courage to be happy.
5. Member of Arts Advisory Board for Jumblies Theatre, Toronto, community engaged theatre company, Artistic Director Ruth Howard.
6. Consultant (with Patti Fraser) for research project Targetting Young Males in Rural South Africa to Prevent HIV/AIDS and gender-based violence. Co-led four day workshop on theatre as qualitative research methodology, October 2009. Principal Investigators (Queen's) Rosemary Jolly, Allan Jeeves and Steve Fergus.
7. Writing new version of play Boom, previously co-written with Patti Fraser and performed by youth groups in Canada, U.S. and Thailand. Explores the friendship between a Croatian teenager, her Canadian friend and their teacher, a member of Canada's Reserve Force recently returned from Afghanistan.

Editing two books for Playwrights Canada Press, Volumes 17 and 19 of Critical Perspectives on Canadian Theatre in English, Political Popular Theatre (Spring 2010) and Community Engaged Theatre and Performance (Spring 2011), General Editor Ric Knowles. In 2009/2010 she received grants from the Ontario Arts Council Theatre Reserve and Writer's Reserve for work on her play Boom and her book The Secrets of Others: An Atomic Memoir. These are grants from theatre companies and publishers: Theatre Direct, Carousel Players, Jumblies Theatre, Wolsak & Wynn, Brick A Literary Journal, Cormorant Books. In 2009 her essay The Babysitter and Me was short listed for the CBC Literary Awards Creative Non-fiction Prize. In May, 2009 she was admitted to the five week Banff Centre Writing Studio, for which she was awarded a Queen's FSAP (Fund for Support of Artists on Faculty) grant. In 2009 Salverson's essay Taking Liberties: A Theatre Class of Foolish Witnesses (published in Research in Drama Education) received an honourable mention for the Richard Plant Award for best scholarly essay in English. In 2009 her chapter "Clown Opera, The Atomic Bomb and the Classroom" was published in An Applied Theatre Companion, Editors Sheila Preston and Tim Prentki, Routledge, London. In 2008 she received the Honorable Mention (with Peter Van Wyck) for The Malahat Review's Creative Nonfiction contest, together with a Writer's Grant from the Toronto Arts Council. In /09 two previous publications - Performing Emergency: Witnessing, Popular Theatre and the Lie of the Literal and Transgressive Storytelling or an Aesthetic of Injury were reprinted in Criticaom". In April, 2009 she was visiting scholar for a mini-symposium on Atomic Culture, hosted by Dr. John O'Brian, Canadian Studies, University of British Columbia.

In 2010, May, she goes to Calgary to attend a symposium Are We There Yet?, responding to a SSHRC funded theatre, health and academic research project developing a play addressing girl's health in secondary schools. Also in May she will present a paper on ethics, imagination and the cost of making change to the Association of Theatre Research in Canada conference, Montreal. In January, 2011 she is organizing and chairing a panel in Halifax on "The Real and Theatre as Witness" at an invited symposium on New Canadian Realisms. January, 2010 Salverson was guest artist and scholar for the Performance Studies program, Department of English, University of Western, where she gave a talk and workshop and visited a class taught by Kim Solga on "The Activist Classroom 1"