Maurice Breslow


Born in Boston, Mass. Came to Canada in 1973. Educated at Cornell (B.A.), Tufts (M.A.), and Yale Drama School (M.F.A., D.F.A.) Directed in regional theatre in the US (including Long Wharf Theatre, New Haven, Conn.; Studio Arena Theatre, Buffalo NY). Was Associate Artistic Director, Long Wharf Theatre and is a Member of Playwrights Union of Canada and PEN Canada.

Imaginary Invalid

His plays for both adult and young audiences have been produced in both Canada and U.S., at theatres including Theatre New Brunswick, Writers Theatre of New York, Long Wharf Theatre, Carousel Theatre of Vancouver, Edmonton's Stage Polaris, Toronto's Inner Stage, Kingston's People's Theatre. In addition, his stories, translations, scripts, articles, and a serialized novel have been published in magazines and journals including Reader's Digest, Newsweek, New York Herald-Tribune (international ed.), Queen's Quarterly, Show Magazine, Quadrille Magazine, Whig-Standard Magazine, Scholastic Magazines Press.


Has also worked as actor, scene designer, technical director, journalist, photographer. His photographs have been exhibited at Nikon House Gallery (New York), Sierra Club (New York), Peabody Museum (New Haven, CT). At Queen's University, Maury taught playwriting, history, directing and the first year introductory course.

His most recent plays are Play Mary, based on the career of actress Mary Pickford, (recently workshopped at the Thousand Islands Playhouse), and Beginning, a two-character about subtleties and hidden feelings in a marriage. Currently, he is working on a play about Sherlock Holmes.