DRAM 371 Modern Drama at the Shaw Festival
Instructor: Grahame Renyk


The first day of class is Thurs. August 14 (1:00 pm to 4:00 pm). Classes run every single day except Mondays through August 28. Please note: attendance is mandatory. No classes on Mondays.

DRAM371 is offered in collaboration with the Shaw Festival and will give you the opportunity to study the Shaw Festival through attending performances of nine different plays, lectures, on site tours and will feature visits from some of the myriad of people that make the Shaw Festival what it is now - administrators, designers, directors and actors.

Students will attend (usually 9 of) the shows listed for hte 2014 Shaw season - more info to follow:


  DRAM 373 Early Modern Scene Study
Instructors: Sharry Flett and Guy Bannerman


Prerequisite: introductory acting course DRAM237, Co-req: DRAM371, mornings: August 14 - 28. (9:00 am - noon) day except Monday.

Please note: attendance is mandatory.

In this acting course, a variety of techniques and exercises will be used to explore selected dramatic texts drawn from the mandate of the Shaw Festival — mainly plays written during the lifetime of Bernard Shaw (1856 to 1950).
This class will use scenes, poetry, monologues, dialect classes, period dance and singing to explore the mandate and what it requires of actors.

Students must have the Co-requisite DRAM371 to register for DRAM373. Students will also attend shows listed for DRAM371.

DRAM 501* Advanced Studies at the Shaw Festival

Prerequisite: mark of A- or above in DRAM371 from the previous year, 4th yr standing.
Afternoons: 1:00 - 4:00, August 14 - 28. Everyday except Mondays. Please note attendance is mandatory.

Queen's Drama will be offering an advanced version of the Modern Drama at the Shaw Festival. Students who have not yet completed their program will be enrolled in this course. The office will register you in this course. See Lee.

This advanced course will be taught concurrently with DRAM371. Students will read the plays and attend all the shows on the 371 course and will attend the 371 classes, all of which, naturally, will be different from previous sessions of the course, because the play offerings will have completely changed. In addition, they will be required to see the other shows the Shaw Festival is producing this season and to attend at least one or extra seminars which will be focused on this advanced course. Two longer written assignments will be required in lieu of the shorter performance responses assigned in 371 and some extra reading may be assigned.

This course will have a very limited enrolment of no more than six students.

You will see all the plays that the other classes see all the other plays at the festival. The dept will purchase the other tickets for you.