Past Shows

The Barefoot Players have been performing for young audiences for over 10 years! Take a look at some of our past players and performances!

2015 - All The Stage is a World

2014 - Dream a Little Dream

2013 - Play On!

2012 - Teapost in a Tempest

2011 - The Skittish Play

With Radissen Ramoutar (Admin, Queen’s University)

2010 - Off Kilter

With Paul Bryant (Actor, Toronto) and Sean Ogle (Film Actor, Toronto)

2009 - Over the Top

With Evan Stern (Photographer, Toronto), Steven Suepaul (Comedian, Toronto) and Dani Kostrich (Teacher and Bee Keeper, Toronto)

2008 - Grimm Tales

2007 - Faces of the Moon

With Megan Miles and Tom McGee (currently Shakey-Shake and Friends puppet theatre co, Toronto), and Marianna Vander Dussen (Research Assistant)

2006 - Bone Head

With Kat Sandler (currently - playwright and director, Toronto) and Rob Kempson (currently - Playwright, Toronto)

2005 - Ashpuddle

With Emma Hunter (currently - Comedian, Toronto) and Sasha Kovacs (Academic, Toronto)

2004 - Invisible Thread

With Rachel Slaven (currently Director, NY) and Amber Mills (Toronto, young company)

2003 - Perseus and Mom - Mouldy Old Tales

With Robin Willis (currently Actor, Stratford), Aaron Stern (Actor, Toronto) and Taes Adams (Splash N’ Boots, Toronto)

2002 - Tall Tales

ith Nick Adams (currently Splash N’ Boots, Toronto) and Anna Madgett (Toronto District School Board)