Meet the Cast of Toques and Tales!


Bonjour! My name is Lizzie! Remember me? This is my second summer with The Barefoot Players and I am so excited to see you all again and make some new friends along the way! Last summer, I played Wolf, Andromeda and the Queen of the Forest (the one with all the flowers!). This summer, you’ll see me play Babette the Farmer, a Lumberjack and singing some Canadian songs with my other Barefoot pals in our show Toques & Tales! What is your favourite song to sing with your friends? When I’m not singing, I like to act, watch movies (my favourites are Tangled or Up! What’re yours?) and I really love to tell jokes and puns! Come tell me your favourite joke! I can’t wait to have the BEST summer with you all! À la prochaine!


Salut! It’s nice to see you again! My name is Blair, and I am a returning Barefoot player! Last summer, I played the feisty Chipmunk, brave Perseus, and the cranky Bruno. This summer, I’ll be donning my lumberjack hat and performing in TWO languages in our new show, Toques and Tales! You can catch me as a scary Loup-Garou, a tough lumberjack, and the lazy Alphonse. I’m so excited to see old friends, and meet some new ones too! What are you excited for this summer? I love to go to the beach, do lots of arts and crafts, and play music with my best friends! My favourite genres are classic rock and hip hop! Do you like music? Come tell me your favourites!


Bonjour, tout le monde! My name is Sarah, and this is my second summer with my friends The Barefoot Players! I am so, so excited to be sharing Toques & Tales with you! Last year, I played a whole lot of characters in Once Upon a Forest Fable, like the hen (in the red glasses; lunettes rouges)! This year, you can see me as Baptiste, in my red mackinaw and toque, and watch me play my accordion (accordéon). Can you play any instruments? I also love rollerblading (lames à roulettes), and watching movies with my Barefoot Players family. I really hope you enjoy celebrating French Canada with us!


Salut tout le monde, I’m Julia! You might recognize me from last year’s show, or maybe the year before that (this is my THIRD summer performing with the Barefoot Players!) You can see me this year in Toques & Tales as a lumberjack and the Wise Old Owl (l’ancient hibou sage). When I’m not performing with the Barefoot Players, I love to get ice cream with my friends (la crème galcée), go to my cottage and play board games! Do you ever play board games? I love to play Clue with my family (mon famille). I can’t wait to make new friends this summer and share my love of theatre with you!


Salut! My name is Evan and I’m a brand new Barefoot Player this summer! I’ll be playing the roles of Barrum the frog, a lumberjack, and a loup garou! I am over the moon to be spending my summer soaking up the sun and having lots of fun with the Barefoot Players! What’s your favourite summer activity? I’ve love performing ever since I lip-synced to “Who Let The Dogs Out?” when I was seven! When I’m not performing I love to run (courir), read (lire), and play my guitar (jouer ma guitare)! What’s your favourite song? Maybe I’ll learn it so we can sing it together! See you at the show!


Bonjour! My name is Maddy and I am a brand new Barefoot Player this year! You can see me in Toques & Tales this summer singing and dancing and practicing my French. I love learning new languages. What languages do you speak? I am very excited to play outside all summer and share this fun show with you. What's your favourite summertime activity? I love going swimming (la natation) and spending time with my friends by le lac! Can you swim? Come tell me about your favourite swimming spot!