Hello everyone! In Dream a Little Dream I played the dashing Lysander (the one in the BLUE hat) and the hilarious actor Flute. I wore my hair in braids and had a great top hat! While I'm working on my third year at Queen's, I am also the head of wardrobe for Queen's Drama Department's Winter Major If We Were Birds.


Hi there! I got to play three really fun parts in Dream a Little Dream last summer: Helena (the one in the RED bow), Titania (the Queen of the fairies who falls in love with a donkey) and Snug (the actor who plays the Lion and the Wall). This year I am studying French and Drama at Queen's and I was lucky enough to act in Queen's Drama Department's Fall Major Orbit.


Hey there! I'm Jesse. I play the scoundrel Oliver and the melancholy Jaques in All the Stage Is a World. Did you like the play? Since coming to school here, I've loved working on plays. I even write some of my own, with birds and secret agents and Greek muses! When I'm not working on plays, I always have my nose stuck in a book, if I'm not tearing my way through a new video game. I also study film and I love to make movies. What movies do you like? Do you like cartoons? I love cartoons, like Steven Universe, The Legend of Korra, and Gravity Falls. When I'm done school, I hope I can keep making tons of fun art with cool people, just like I'm doing now!


Hi! My name's Julia and this is my first summer performing with the Barefoot Players. You'll see me as the wrestler Charles, the good Duke Senior who lives in the forest, and Audrey, the young goat herder. I couldn't be more excited to be able to share this show, "All the Stage is a World" with you! I love all parts of the theatre. I love to act, sing, and work behind the scenes to make the show happen (like costumes and props!) What's your favourite thing to do? When I'm not doing theatre, I love to read, spend time outside, and eat ice cream (my favourite kind is mint chocolate chip, what's yours?) When I'm a bit older, I hope to be a Drama teacher and continue to spread my love of the theatre, just like I'm doing with you! I hope you enjoy the show!


Hi friends! My name's Hannah and you'll see me perform as the handsome Orlando. I have loved theatre since I could say "Shakespeare". Do you call Kingston "home"? My home is in on the other side of Canada in Victoria, where I love to hang out on the beach and hike in the mountains. I like to learn about Education, Drama and English. When the day is done and the stage curtains are drawn, I love to write poetry, bake cookies (ginger molasses are my favourite!) and play soccer. I am also a big fan of the Harry Potter series. When I'm older, I want to travel the world and teach kids, just like you! I can't wait to make my debut with The Barefoot Players in All the Stage is a World.


Hello everyone! My name is Brandon, I'm a new Barefoot Player this year and I will be playing the role of Touchstone the Jester and Adam. I am so excited to meet you guys this year! I am also very excited to dance, sing and perform with the Barefoot Players this summer. I've loved theatre ever since my first performance of "Peter Pan" when I was 12. Other than theatre, I also love to spend my time playing music. I play the piano and guitar but I also love to learn anything new that I can get my hands on. One of my favourite songs to play is "Let It Go" from the movie Frozen! What is your favourite song? Come tell me yours!