Get to know last summer's Barefoot Players: Jacob, Jillian, and Maddy.


Yo! Last summer, not only did I play the love-sick Demetrius (the one in the RED hat), but I also got to play Bottom and be transformed into a donkey! I am now working on a Drama major at Queen's and am going to be seen in Queen's Musical Theatre's Dogfight.


Hello everyone! In Dream a Little Dream I played the dashing Lysander (the one in the BLUE hat) and the hilarious actor Flute. I wore my hair in braids and had a great top hat! While I'm working on my third year at Queen's, I am also the head of wardrobe for Queen's Drama Department's Winter Major If We Were Birds.


Hi there! I got to play three really fun parts in Dream a Little Dream last summer: Helena (the one in the RED bow), Titania (the Queen of the fairies who falls in love with a donkey) and Snug (the actor who plays the Lion and the Wall). This year I am studying French and Drama at Queen's and I was lucky enough to act in Queen's Drama Department's Fall Major Orbit.