Toques and Tales!

This summer, the Barefoot Players don their toques and become raconteurs! Inspired by French Canadian folklore, the Barefoot Players will take you on a storytelling portage with flying canoes, heaps of poutine, singing about Big Joe Mufferaw and dancing to the tune of "Ah! Si Mon Moine Voulait Danser"! We start our journey with the story of the Chasse Galerie – a French Canadian folktale about lumberjacks who take a flying canoe to visit their families. Then, we share the story of Big Joe Mufferaw, a folk hero from the Ottawa Valley. Next, we move onto discuss the loup-garou, or the French Canadian werewolf, and tell the story of a farmer and the strange noises the seem to come from her farm late at night. Next, Finally, we discuss the origins of poutine through song and dance. Join the Barefoot Players as they perform this new spin on French Canadian culture, adapted to suit and entertain young audiences.