DRAMA 240 Fall 2013

Week 1: Introduction to 240 / Structure of Technical Theatre
Lab: Detailed production facilities orientation, cards.

Week 2: Introduction to Stage Management.
Lab: Building the Prompt Script

Week 3: Stage Management: Paper work application
Lab: Creating Stage Management Paperwork

Week 4: Stage Management: Equity, Blocking, and CTA
Lab: Taping a floor and Recording blocking.                                 PROMPT BOOK DUE

Week 5: Guest designer - Liz Nuting                                              QUIZ #1
Lab: Scale rule. What is a ground-plan?

Week 6: No Monday Class - Thanksgiving
Lab: Measuring and drafting on paper

Week 7: Theatre spaces
Lab: Measure and Draft Rm 118

Week 8: CAD Introduction
Lab: Intro to CAD (Computer Assisted Drafting)

Week 9: CAD review, Advanced cad techniques
Lab: Cad "simple set"

Week 10: CAD: Stump the prof!                                                    QUIZ #2
Lab: Work on assignment

Week 11: Intro to workshop. Building Materials.                           CAD EX. DUE
Lab: Tools and safety and Build a flat.

Week 12: No Monday class
Lab: / Work on assignment                                                            CONSTRUCTION EX. DUE