DRAMA 240 Fall 2013

TEXTS: - No text book is required. All resources are online or will be given out in class.
SOFTWARE: We will be using CAD software- QCAD, and MS Office, (Word, Excel etc.). All this software will be provided and in addition is loaded on the computers in the lab.
Stage Management: 
Presentation-Style Binder: 3 ring, 8.5 x 11, 1 inch, Exterior title sleeves, a Duotang is NOT suitable. This is available the Drama desk and included in your Lab Fee.
Highlighters: any 2 light colours; *Pencil: disposable mechanical is good; Eraser; Ruler: 12" / 30cm, Glue Stick: any brand, UHU type. ALSO: Scissors and 3 Hole Punch only if already on-hand and available.

You will require an Architect's triangular scale ruler, showing " and " scales. This is available at the Drama Desk and included with your Lab Fee. 
In addition, you will need a 2H pencil and a white eraser. These are available from the bookstore for under $5.00 total. HB pencils and pink erasers are NOT suitable.

No supplies needed. All is supplied.
CLOTHING: Closed-full-foot flat shoes, No hanging sleeves or accessories, Long hair tied back. Clothing will be exposed to Sawdust and Paint at various times.
Click here for QCAD for WIndows
Click here for QCAD for MAC