DRAMA 242   2016 
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A brief Introduction.

Students will be introduced to the nature of technical production, its many areas, its specific jobs, as well as its integral connection to the creation of theatre. This course will place emphasis on the fundamental technical elements of lighting, costuming and sound. Practical projects will include; creating lighting plots, examining luminaries and lighting control consoles, costume material buying, costume construction, sewing and wardrobe maintenance. The sound section will include assembling sound systems, recording and editing sound effects.

Student evaluation will be based on participation in lecture and lab components, acquisition of skills, attitude, plus several completed assignments, including the following:

A Lighting Plot and associated paperwork created using CAD.

A Sound Plot, including sound samples.

An introductory level, sewn item and costuming management documents.

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$25.00 Lab fee payable at the office by Jan. 26
Need the CAD software?
For Macs go HERE
For PCs go HERE
If you have previously installed Qcad you will need to uninstall it first before you install the new versions.
(files will not be lost.)
Course Outline
Weekly Schedule
Instructor info.
Adair Redish
Email: redisha@queensu.ca
Office: Rm 108A, Theological Hall
Office hours: Stop by any time