Course Outline

Weekly Schedule

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INSTRUCTOR: Adair Redish. Rm 108A, Theological Hall. Email:
TEXTS: - No text book is required. All resources are online or will be given out in class. 
A copy of The Mouse Trap by Agatha Christie. This will be emailed to you as a PDF.
SOFTWARE: We will be using the cad software- Qcad and Audacity along with MS Office, (Word, Excel etc.). All this software will be provided.
LAB FEE: There is a lab fee of $25.00 due to the office by January 28. This fee will cover all materials.
Lighting Plot - Murder by Mail 40%
Sound Plot - The Mousetrap 30%
Costume Project . 25%
Participation / attendance. 5%
It is the policy of the Department of Drama that all students registered in Drama courses are required to see each Departmental Major Production.  This policy facilitates informed classroom discussion on a broad variety of subjects and issues by ensuring that every student in the classroom has theatrical experiences in common. 

Class. 1 hour per week. Monday. Room 102.
Attending the class is expected, since I value your input to our discussions. However, things do come up that may take priority. You may miss two classes without penalty. After two absences your attendance grade will be reduced 5% (and we will chat). For example; miss 1 class no penalty, miss 2 classes no penalty, miss 3 classes -5% and then -1% more for each additional class missed. I suggest you save them for special occasions. Note: being late to class twice times will equal one absence. Regardless, projects are due when specified whether you are in class or not.
Labs and assignments.
You may miss 2 labs without penalty as above, but projects and assignments are due when specified, regardless. Please wear appropriate clothing: no open shoes or sandals in the scene shop or theatre, long hair tied back etc. (You will not be allowed to attend). On the days we are in the scene shop, you will very likely get dirty--so be prepared!