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STEPS for 246 positions
1) Sign up for a position. All 246 eligible popsitions will be posted outside 115. Each production team will have spaces for several students to sign-up. Choose 1 ONLY. Deadline to sign-up: Jan. 9th.

2) Interviews will take place immediately. Once completed, you will be assigned to a show.

3) Fill out the Proposal Form (from here or Drama website.) Complete, and drop off at main office in Adair's mailbox by add/drop deadline. Adair will sign and give to Lee. (You will be added to the course and to the course Moodle.)

4) Do project. Complete Production Hours form along the way. The SM, crew head, PM or TD must sign after every call.

5) Within 1 week of show closing, drop off completed form at the Drama office.
6) Complete Self-evaluation form. Up-load to Moodle within 1 week of show closing. If your show closed in the fall term your Self-evaluation is due by December 7. If your show closed in the winter term your Self-evaluation upload  is due by April 5.