Queen's University Drama

1) Sign up for a project. All 247 eligible show projects will be posted on the board outside Rm. 115. Each production position will have spaces for several students to sign-up. Signups will take place between From Sept. 1 to January 9. Sign-ups will be ongoing. Check back often. You may sign up / audition / apply for more than one project. (Some projects will be reserved for 2nd year students)

2) Interviews and auditions will take place ongoing. Once completed, you may be assigned / cast on a show. You may do more than one project for Dram247. If you are unsuccessful at getting a position, keep trying. 247 can be completed in 2nd, 3rd or 4th year.

3) Fill out the Proposal form (from here or Drama website.) Complete, and ask a faculty member to sign. Any Drama faculty member can sign.
Production and design: Tim, Adair or Jen
Performance: Tim, Grahame, Chick, Greg, Kim or Craig
Marketing: Tim, Adair or Lee 
Playwright and written: Daniel, Julie, Natalie, Craig or John.
4) Drop off at main office. By January Tuesday 15. You will be added to the course by Lee.

5) Do project. Complete Production Hours form along the way. The production hours sheet must be sign off every day by a supervisor / team leader one level above you.

Actors; SM or director.
Crew: Crew head, SM, TD, PM
Designers, FOH: Crew head: PM, TD or Producer.
Marketing; PM, Producer
Written: PM, Producer or Director

6) Within 1 week of show closing, drop off completed Production Hours form at the Drama office in the mailbox of the faculty member who originally signed your Proposal form.

7) Complete Self-evaluation form. Up-load to Moodle within 1 week of show closing. Credit will be processed in April. All projects must be complete by April 15.