The Award Winning Play
UNITY (1918)

by Kevin Kerr

music by Roslyn Green and Chad Yacobucci

directed by Tim Fort
$8 students/seniors, general admission $12,
from the Drama office in the basement of Theological Hall, weekdays between 9:00am and 3:45 pm
or at Destinations, in the JDUC,
weekdays between 9:00am and 5:00pm.

    Show Times
Evenings - Thurs Feb 28 - Sat Mar 1 and Wed Mar 5 - Sat Mar 8 at 8:00 pm
Matinees - Mar 2 and Mar 8 at 2:00 pm
in the Rotunda Theatre, Theological Hall

CAST (in alpha order by character)
Beatrice                                       Danielle Kostrich
Doris                                          Ashley Williamson
Hart                                                 Danny Mahoney Mary                                                Hallae Khosravi
Michael/Glen/Man2                             Adam Wray
Rose                                Marianne VanderDussen
Sissy                                                        Shea Wood
Stan/Man 1                                         Simon Paabor
Sunna                                                      Kat Sandler
Musicians      Roslyn Green and Chad Yacobucci


Press Release

     It is October 1918 in Unity Saskatchewan. The war is ending. Beatrice Wilde has just turned 21. And still it is shaping up to be a tough week. Her younger sister has just returned from Edmonton with a "sex book" that she wants to read over with a cute local farm boy. Her best friend Mary has just received a marriage proposal from her overseas soldier boyfriend, but Beatrice can't even get a thank you for the hundreds of hand-knit socks she's been sending to her own beloved soldier, Glen. Meanwhile there are the rumours about a strange flu that has been moving towards Saskatchewan from the east. And then, there is the mystery of the blind soldier who has arrived unexpectedly in town looking for his father.

     Kevin Kerr's Governor General's award-winning play, Unity (1918), is a warm, touching, and intensely human portrait of small-town life on the prairies during the last few weeks of the first World War. Unity is populated with charming eccentrics, including four young women who are driven by their dreams of finding true passion in a world set on edge by the oncoming threat of the worst pandemic in history. Kerr lets us see the hopes and needs of the townspeople through the filter of Beatrice Wilde's diary whose accounts become more feverish as the flu becomes more real. Meanwhile every train that stops in Unity seems to bring both new possibilities and unknown risks from the outside world.

     Queen's Department of Drama is pleased to present Unity (1918) as its winter major production directed and designed by Tim Fort (with costumes by Jessica Harrison) in the Rotunda Theatre in Theological Hall. With new music written and played by virtuoso fiddler Roslyn Green and guitarist Chad Yacobucci, the show promises to appeal to all audiences.

For more information please contact 613 533 2104.

See pictures of past performances - production library