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The Queen's Journal
Volpone showcased engaging performances of a script that hasn't lost its relevance or entertainment in its 400-year lifespan....

The Whig Standard
...the work that has been accomplished is staggering.  Fine performances all around...

The Cast
Bonario: Keith Bennie
Castrone: Valen Boyd
Mosca: Alex Dault
Poregrine: Andy Field
Sir Politick Would-be: Phil Kalmanovitch
Commandadore: Viktor Lukawski
Lady Polotick Would-be: Amber Mills
Volpone: Chris New
Androgyno: Ryan O'Callaghan
Corvine: Simon Paabor
Voltore: Michael Rode
Nano: Aimee Roy
Corbaccio: Kat Sandler
Waiting Gentlewoman: Marni Van Dyk
Celia: Jessica Walker
Avocatori: Phil Kalmanovitch
Rob Lampard
Kayla Ramlochand
Lesley Robertson

November 2004 / Written By: Ben Jonson / Directed By: Prof. Greg Wanless

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