Financial Support Services

Professional advice that makes sense

Credit card balances out of control? 
Concerned about paying for your child’s education? 
Living from pay cheque to pay cheque?

Modern living is almost a prescription for financial worries. Job security and personal savings rates are at all-time lows. Costs for housing, education and vehicles are at all-time highs. And credit is relatively easy to obtain.

In this kind of environment, it takes discipline to control excessive spending. From time to time, your discipline may slip and you will worry. If these worries begin to affect your relationships and/or your performance on the job, you may need to take some positive action.  Take the pressure off and take control of your future with advice from your Employee Assistance Program (EAP).


Your EAP offers a complete approach.  Professionals will help you address the personal and family-related concerns that are associated with financial issues. They can also put you in touch with skilled financial advisors to help you take action and address your specific financial issue.


Your EAP will help you gain valuable insight and information to face your financial challenges.  Financial consultation services cover issues such as:


Should you need more extensive services, such as personalized financial planning, your EAP will refer you to a qualified professional best suited to address your specific needs.  Fees for services provided by other referred professional are your responsibility.


Financial consultation is available Monday to Friday during normal business hours.  Consultations are free and strictly confidential.

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