Professor George Clark

(Emerita) PhD Harvard

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Research Interests

Comparative studies in the early Middle Ages, especially Old English and Old Norse, characterization in early literature, and the representation of women in Old English and Norse-Icelandic literature.


George Clark studied at Berkeley, Harvard, and Oxford and holds a PhD from Harvard. He has published a book on Beowulf (Twayne, 1990), articles on BeowulfThe Battle of Maldon, Old English poetry, Njáls saga, the oral tradition, Robert Henryson, and Chaucer, in journals such as ELHSpeculumJEGP, and Philological Quarterly and Festschriften in honour of F. G. Cassidy and Alain Renoir. He is the author of “The Hero and the Theme” in A Beowulf Handbook (U of Nebraska P, 1997). He translated Reykdæla sagaKróka-Refs saga,The Tale of Sneglu-HalliThe Tale of Þorvard Kráku-Nefs, and The Tale of Þorstein Uxa-Fóts (Leifur Eiríksson, 1997). Króka-Refs sagaand The Tale of Sneglu-Halli have been reprinted in The Sagas of Icelanders (Penguin, 2000). He is the editor (with Daniel Timmons, a former student) of Tolkien’s Literary Resonances (Greenwood, 2000), a collection of essays on Tolkien’s fiction, and the author of one of the essays included. He is a past chair of the Executive Committee on Old English of the Modern Language Association.

Clark is presently engaged in a study called “Maldon and the Viking Tide,” a projected book on the Battle of Maldon and the second Viking age in England.