Mark Jones

Dr Mark Jones

PhD Columbia

Contact Information

Office: Watson 430
Office Hours: Thurs. 9:00–10:00 am and by appointment

Research Interests

British Romantic poetry; L18–E19C publicity, propaganda, and public opinion; William Cobbett; literature and economics; parody; history of literary criticism and theory; Bob Dylan.

Recent Publications

  • “Reading Keats to the Letter: e,” Studies in Romanticism 51.3 (2012): 343–73, print.


Author of The “Lucy Poems”: A Case Study in Literary Knowledge (U of Toronto P, 1995). Co-author of Wordsworth Scholarship: An Annotated Bibliography (Garland, 1985). Author of articles on Wordsworth, Coleridge, Keats, Arnold, and others in boundary 2, PMLA, Representations, Studies in Romanticism, etc.

I have supervised or co-supervised PhD and MA theses on William Wordsworth, William Blake, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Paul Muldoon.

At present I am working on an edition of William Cobbett’s Paper against Gold and a monograph on Romanticism and public opinion.

In recent years I have been active in Queen's Faculty Board and Senate (2010–2013) and as co-chair of QUFA’s Political Action and Communications Committee (2011–13); I served on the Senate Academic Planning task force in 2011 and co-founded and managed the campus blog Real Academic Planning. I also co-founded the Senate Faculty Caucus in 2010. For samples of this work, see:

  • “Text and Context at Queen’s.” Whig-Standard, 17 April 2013. (author)
  • “Comments on the SAPTF Draft Report of March 2013.” Senate Faculty Caucus blog, 8 April 2013. (author)
  • “Clarification of the ‘Course Variants’ Motion.” Real Academic Planning, 31 March 2013. (author)
  • “Questions Concerning Proposals for Course Redesign.” Real Academic Planning, 13 February 2013. (author)
  • “QUFA Propositions for Virtualization / Online Learning.” QUFA Forum, 4 February 2013. (primary author)
  • “Data Check: Recent ‘Evidence’ in Support of Blended and Online Learning.” Real Academic Planning, 27 January 2013. (author)
  • “Open Letter: Response to Principal Woolf re Apology to Michael Mason.” Real Academic Planning, 27 November 2012. (author)
  • ”Open Letter to Michael Mason: We (Queen’s University) Apologize.” [online petition with 207 signatures.] Globe and Mail, 19 November 2012; rpt. Real Academic Planning, 19 November 2012. (co-author)
  • “The Meaning of Justice Iacobucci’s Advice to Senate.” Senate Faculty Caucus Blog, 16 November 2012. (author)
  • “QUFA Responds to SCAD re Suspensions of Admissions.” Senate Faculty Caucus Blog, 27 August 2012. (author of post and contents)
  • “Comments on the ‘Business Case’ to Grow Distance Enrolments in the Faculty of Arts and Science.” Real Academic Planning, 25 May 2012. (author)
  • “More Reasons Not to Consider Restructuring Faculty Board.” Real Academic Planning, 11 April 2012. (author)
  • “Online Learning Puts Revenue First.” Queen’s Journal, 23 March 2012. (author)
  • “Review of the Structure of Faculty Board: A Counter-Proposition with Two Motions.” Real Academic Planning, 7 March 2012. (author)
  • “Queen’s Governance: The Case for Legal Advice for Senate.” Senate Faculty Caucus Blog, 28 February 2012. (author)
  • “Actual Attendance in Queen’s Senate, 2010 and 2011: An Analysis.” Senate Faculty Caucus Blog, 8 February 2012. (author)
  • “‘Queen’s University Academic Plan’: Complete and To Be Continued.” QUFA Voices, December 2011. (author)
  • “Open Letter to Senate: Six Reasons Why it is Wrong to Freeze BFA Admissions Without Academic Process.” Real Academic Planning, 4 December 2011. (author)
  • “The Principle of Faculty Majority.” Senate Faculty Caucus Blog, 6 October 2011. (author)
  • “Queen’s Draft Academic Plan as of September 2011: A Dissent.” Real Academic Planning, 27 September 2011. (author)
  • “QUFA and the University Senate.” QUFA Voices, 9 Sept. 2011. (author)
  • “On Virtualization at Queen’s and Beyond.” Real Academic Planning, 29 July 2011. (author)
  • “On Virtualization, Blended Learning, On-line Learning, and the ‘Greater Differentiation’ of Ontario Universities.” (author)
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  • “Two Motions for the Drafting of the Academic Plan.” Senate Faculty Caucus Blog, 11 Nov. 2010. (author)
  • “Open Letter: Twenty-two Professors of English to Principal Woolf and Dr. Susan Cole.” Real Academic Planning, 5 November 2010. (primary author)
  • “We Request Open Planning Meetings on Specific Issues: An Open Letter to Principal Daniel Woolf and Dr. Susan Cole (Deputy Provost and SCAD Chair).” Real Academic Planning, 20 October 2010. (primary author)
  • “Queen’s ‘Academic Planning’ Exercises, 2009–10: A Critical History with Documents,” Real Academic Planning, 8 September 2010. (author)
  • “Failed by the ‘Star’ System.” CAUT Bulletin, 57.6 (June 2010). (primary author, with Patricia Rae, Annette Burfoot, and Frank Burke)