Professor George M. Logan

(Emeritus) Phd Harvard

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Research Interests

Renaissance humanism and the English literary Renaissance.

Recent Publications

  •  Thomas More, Utopia, ed. George M. Logan, A Norton Critical Edition 3rd ed. (W. W. Norton & Co., 2011)
  • The Cambridge Companion to Thomas More, ed. George M. Logan (Cambridge UP, 2011)
  • Thomas More, The History of King Richard the Third, ed. George M. Logan (Indiana UP, 2005).
  • With Stephen Greenblatt: 16th-century section of The Norton Anthology of English Literature, 8th ed. (W. W. Norton & Co., 2006)


Author of The Meaning of More's "Utopia" (Princeton UP, 1983) and (as a venture into institutional history) The Indiana University School of Music: A History (Indiana UP, 2000); editor of Thomas More, The History of King Richard the Third (Indiana UP, 2005), Utopia, Norton Critical Edition, 3rd ed. ((Norton, 2011), The Cambridge Companion to Thomas More (Cambridge UP, 2011) ; author of articles on Renaissance literature, Renaissance humanism, and computer applications to literary studies; co-editor of The Norton Anthology of English Literature, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th editions (Norton, 1986, 1993, 2000, 2006, forthcoming), Utopia, Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought (Cambridge UP, 1989; 2nd ed. 2002),Unfolded Tales: Essays on Renaissance Romance(Cornell UP, 1989), Utopia: Latin Text and English Translation (Cambridge UP, 1995).

Winner of the W. J. Barnes (ASUS) Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2005. Invited to give the first annual Thomas More Lecture at the inaugural conference of the Center for Thomas More Studies (Dallas), 2005.

Retired in 2007.