Matthew Scribner

Matthew Scribner

PhD Queen’s

Contact Information

Office: Watson 531
Office Hours: Wed. 1.00–2.30 pm

Research Interests

Middle English, Old French, Old Norse, romance, disguise, identity.


  • “The Role of Translations in Teaching the History of English Literature,” Queen’s Pedagogy Commons 1.2 (2011), Web.
  • “Illusion and Iconoclasm in Emmanuel de Witte’s A Sermon in the Old Church in Delft,” Shift: Queen’s Graduate Journal of Visual and Material Culture 2 (2009), Web.


Hello and welcome! Like so many anglophone medievalists before me, I began my career studying the early medieval period and lots of Old English and Old Norse texts, but I have since moved to a later period. Now my research involves romance during the High Middle Ages (1000–1300 AD) in Middle English, Old French, and (still) Old Norse. This change, in the medievalist world, is kind of like moving from acoustic Dylan to electric Dylan. Nevertheless, this shift has given me a great appreciation for Arthurian legend, which I hope to share with my students.

When I’m not teaching or researching, I work with the SGPS (Society of Graduate and Professional Students) and do my part to improve Queen's University for all who live, work, and study here.