Professor Ruth Wehlau

PhD Toronto

Contact Information

Office: Watson 405
Office Hours: Mon. 11:00–12:00, Thurs. 10:00–1:00
Extension: 74405

Research Interests

Old English poetry, Middle English drama and romance, elegy, reception of Old English poetic language, the cult of Alfred in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Recent Publications

  • “Alfred and Ireland: Irony and Irish Identity in John O’Keeffe’s Alfred,” European Romantic Review (forthcoming).
  • “Truth, Fiction and Freedom: The Harrowing of Hell in Philip Pullman’s The Amber Spyglass and Ursula Le Guin’s The Other Wind,”The Year’s Work in Medievalism (2008).


Publications: The Riddle of Creation: Metaphor Structures in Old English Poetry as well as the following articles: “Beowulf’s Dark Thoughts: Beowulf in a Wisdom Context” (forthcoming in Verbal Exchanges: A Festschrift for Roberta Frank); “Literal and Symbolic: The Rhetoric of Asceticism in Two Lives of St. Radegund,” Florilegium (2002); “Landscapes of Despair in The Wanderer, Beowulf’s Story of Hrethel, and Sonatorrek,” Parergon (1998); “The Power of Knowledge and the Location of the Reader in Christ and Satan,” Journal of English and Germanic Philology (1998; reprinted in The Junius Manuscript: Critical Readings, 2002); and “Rumination and Recreation: Poetic Instruction in The Order of the World,” Florilegium (1995).