GES Contact List Instructions 2012-2013

This is an invitation to participate in the Queen's English Graduate Consensual Contact List.  This is just a list of the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of those in the program who agree to be on it.

In the sepia-toned days of old, Kathy would compile this list for us and everyone would be on it.  But changes to Canadian privacy law made this benign gesture illegal, so we students have to take this organizational matter upon ourselves.

Participation is strictly voluntary, but it's a pretty good idea to be on the list.  What if you need to email a fellow classmate about the presentations you are scheduled to give on the same day and want to coordinate them?  What if you're studying for comps and want to get a hold of an upper-year PhD who did the same exam two years ago?  What if there's a marking batch mix-up and you need to phone the other TA in your section before the weekend?  For occasions like this, when you can't just wait to run into the other person "around," when you're trying to get a hold of someone who's not on Facebook or doesn't post their phone number on it, it is invaluable to have such a list and be on it.  Anyone who has participated in years past will testify to how often they've relied on it for academic and social matters.

This list is for Queen's English grads only.  No one else will receive this information.

If you consent to being on it, simply email the social convenors ( with your NAME, QUEEN'S EMAIL ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER.  If you prefer to withhold your phone number, that's fine.

Please, if you're on board, send this info immediately so that you don't forget and end up being left off the list.  I'd like to have it ready for distribution on the English grad listserv next week.

Thanks for your attention.  May our channels of communication be open and free-flowing.

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