GES Representatives 2014-2015

Executive Presidents

   Jeff Dzogola 


  Adam Drysdale

   Katie Hunt 

   Michael Rizzo 

Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) Reps:

   Nicky Pacas (PhD Rep) 

   Mitch Crouse (MA Rep)

Departmental Representatives:

   Panayiota Argyrides (PhD Rep)

   Felicia Young (MA Rep)

   Computer Liaison:
   Mitch Crouse 

Social Convenors:

   Andrew Law
   To contact both social convenors: []
   To contact Jeffrey: []

   Nevena Martinovic
   To contact both social convenors: []
   To contact Adam: []

PSAC English Department Stewards:

   Andrew Law (PhD Rep)

   Tavleen Purewal (MA Rep)

   Works in Progress Coordinator:      
   Michael Rizzo 

   ACCUTE Representative:
   Nicky Pacas

   MLA Representative:
   Vika Nersisyan 

   Appointments Committee Representative:
   Katie Hunt

Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) Reps:

  Vika Nersisyan 

Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Representative:


  Felicia Young

ENGL 100 Representative:


  Nevena Martinovic

Coffee Hour Representatives:

  Jhordan Layne 


  Lin Young

Social Committee:

Jeffrey Dzogola [],

Adam Drysdale [] 

Andrew Law []

Suyin Olguin []

Daniel de Kok []

Shaina Humble []

Nevena Martinovic []

Morag St. Clair []

Academic Affairs Commitee:

Dan de Kok (MA) [],

Andrew Law (MA) [] 

Panayiota Argyrides (PhD1) [] 

Michael Rizzo (PhD2) []

Nicky Pacas (PhD3) []

Irene Mangoutas (PhD4) [],

Steve Asselin (PhD5+) []

Fundraising Committee:

Nevena Martinovic (Chair) []

Natasha Anzik (Treasurer) []

Nicole Slipp []

Nicky Pacas []

Jaspreet Tambar []

Morag St. Clair []

Welcome Week!

The Welcome Week 2015 Schedule for new and returning grad students is now online.

Incoming Grad Student FAQ

For those new to the Queen's University English Department grad program and to the city of Kingston. A list of Frequently Asked Questions about the grad program and finding your way around Kingston.