The Graduate English Society Listserv [QueensGES] & GRADNEWS-L Listserv

Frequently Asked Questions

Listservs? What Listservs?

There are two listservs that you'll deal with as a graduate student in the English Department: the GES listserv, which allows graduate students to communicate with each other via mass emails, and the GRADNEWS-L Listserv, which the faculty uses to send information to us. You need to sign yourself up for the GES listserv, and should do so as soon as you can; you'll be put on the GRADNEWS-L automatically.

The GES Listserv

What is the [QueensGES] listserv/Google Group?

It is an electronic mailing list and Google Groups page meant to foster communication between graduate students in the Department of English at Queen's. The page is located at: A lot of important information regarding academics, upcoming GES social events, and other thing you'll want to hear about is sent through the listserv, so you should sign up quickly to avoid missing out.

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe?

A link to unsubscribe is located at the bottom of every [QueensGES] email received. In order to subscribe to the list and to access the QueensGES Google Groups page, you will need to create a Google account. You do not need to have a Google email (gmail) address and your assigned address can be used to create this account. To join the listserv:

1. Go to the following website:

2. If you are signed in to a Google account, you will have the option to apply for membership to the Queen's GES Google Group (this is the listserv). If this is the case, you can skip the next two steps.

3. If you are not signed in to a Google account, you will be provided with a link to Google's sign-in page; then, either sign in to your pre-existing Google account, or if you do not have an account, click the red sign up button at the top of the page to create a Google account using whatever email address you plan to use for school purposes.

4. Once you are signed in/up, you will be presented with the opportunity to apply for membership to the Queen's GES Google Group. If this does not happen, just return to while signed in to your Google account and you will have the option to apply for membership.

5. The GES computer representative will then confirm your account request.

If you have any problems joining the ListServ, please contact the current GES Computer Liaison.

How do I post to the list?

Send your message to: Attachments of less than 5 MB are allowed. Emails received through the QueensGES Google Group will have ‘[QueensGES]’ in the subject line of the email.

What kind of messages should I post to the list?

In general, any information that is of interest to many subscribers on the list may be posted. The QueensGES page and mailing list is a good forum for announcements, sharing library books, etc.

What kind of messages should I not post to the list?

[QueensGES] is a professional discussion group. Do not post personal messages to the whole list. Do not use the list to contact individual members; we maintain a Contact List if you need to get in touch with an individual. You may choose to issue general invitations to social functions on the list, but try to avoid subjecting everyone to post-party chitchat. Posts intended for individual classes should be sent to the class mailing list if the course in question has one. Finally, when you reply to a post, the list's default setting will direct your reply to the poster only. Do not redirect your reply to the entire list unless it is of relevance to the entire list. When posting to the list, remember that the principles of good netiquette and collegial behaviour apply. This includes not shouting (typing in all caps), not posting incendiary remarks, not sending unnecessary attachments or formatted mail to the list, and not spamming the list. Spam comes in many forms, including jokes, hoaxes, unsubstantiated virus warnings, advertisements for commercial enterprises, and chain letters. For guidelines to good netiquette, see:

Who has access to this list?

The QueensGES Google Group is a confidential forum, intended to provide a safe environment for discussion between members. It is maintained by the GES computer representative. All graduate students in the Department of English may subscribe to this list, but faculty and members of other departments may not. You should not publicly mention list content, or forward copies of information you have obtained from it, to third parties without the explicit permission of the original poster. Members who violate the list integrity in this way will be removed from the list.

The GRADNEWS-L Listserv

What is the GRADNEWS-L Listserv?

The Department of English at Queen’s uses the GRADNEWS-L Listserv as a means of communicating with the graduate students in the department. Emails are received from the and include calls for papers forwarded to the department, and other information about upcoming events and messages from the department to graduate students.

Can I post to the GRADNEWS-L list?

No. The GRADNEWS-L Listserv is a one-way means of communication. If you wish to respond to any email sent through this listserv, please direct inquiries to either the relevant individual as mentioned in the email or to Kathy Goodfriend.

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