GES Contact List (2013-2014) and Student Bios

  (Underlined names are linked to individual bios)

Catherine Andre:
Steve Asselin:
Taryn Beukema:
Katherine Bilodeau:
Andrew Bingham:
Jason Boulet:
Jason Bourget:
Emily Bruusgaard:
David Carruthers:
Julia Cercone:
Brianne Colon:
Adam Cotton:
Kevin Curreri:
Ashley Cyr:
Heather Cyr:
Jon Aaron De Tombe:
Jeffrey Dzogola:
Alana Fletcher:
Shadi Ghazimoradi:
Matthew Gibson:
Julia Gingerich:
Allie Goff:
Jenna Guy:
Stephen Guy:
Emily Halliwell-MacDonald:
Christine Hamada:
Agatha Hansen:
Jennifer Hardwick:
Amber Hastings:
Fraser Hawkins:
Katie Hunt:
Amanda Jagt:
Laura Kinderman:
Daniel Krahn:
MaryAnne Laurico:
Emily Leach:
Ryan Leonhard:
Melissa Li Sheung Ying:
Drew MacDonald:
Jeremy MacFarlane:
Ian Maness:
Carla Manfredi:
Irene Mangoutas:
Shannon McComb:
Aislinn McDougall:
Holly McIndoe:
Melissa McIvor:
Shannon Minifie:
Jessica Moore:
Daniel Moore:
Daniel Murphy:
Emily Murphy:
Patricia Oprea:
Nicky Pacas:
Trevor Phillips:
Jaime Pitt:
Ruti Prikhoji:
Zachary Read-Trottier:
Michael Rizzo:
Jess Roberts:
Nikolai Rodrigues:
Brett Roscoe:
Rupayan Roy: <>
Matthew Scribner:
Amanda Secord:
Niha Shahzad:
Kris Singh:
Nicole Slipp:
Raji Soni:
Andrew Stokes:
Mark Streeter:
Jaspreet Tambar:
Carl Watts:
Erin Weinberg:
Mikaela Withers:


Welcome Week!

The Welcome Week 2014 Schedule for new and returning grad students is now online.

Incoming Grad Student FAQ

For those new to the Queen's University English Department grad program and to the city of Kingston. A list of Frequently Asked Questions about the grad program and finding your way around Kingston.