Queen's Pedagogy Commons

  Submission Guidelines:

The Queen's Pedagogy Commons welcomes submissions from all current English department graduate students and teaching fellows at Queen's University. Submissions may take the form of a short essay, a draft teaching philosophy, a book review, an info graphic, a personal account of teaching experiences, an annotated bibliography or any other relevant research that may be helpful to fellow grad students. The exchange of such materials is intended to produce a usable archive of relevant teaching material for graduate students interested in pedagogical issues. All submissions must be formatted according to the most recent MLA guidelines and footnotes are to be kept to a minimum. Copyright is maintained by the author under the principles of a Creative Commons. Submissions are welcome at any time.

Upon receiving your submission, the CTL Representative for English will forward your work to our volunteer Faculty Liaison/Mentor [currently Prof. Maggie Berg]. The purpose of the Liaison/Mentor is to ensure high academic standards of the submissions, offer short revisions, and mentor students. All submissions will be accepted and posted on the website once the recommended revisions have been completed. All contributors will have the ability to remove an essay at any time.


Please submit to Aaron Mauro [6amm6@queensu.ca]

Working with the Centre for Teaching and Learning:

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) offers many important programs for the professionalization of graduate teaching assistants and teaching fellows. A description of these programs can be found at http://www.queensu.ca/ctl/community/graduate/index.html. Alongside a credit course (SGS 901), online study modules (Focus on Foundations), and individual workshops (Expanding Horizons), the Centre offers a series of certificates called the Program in University Teaching and Learning (PUTL). The third certificate (of four) requires that a student produce a "literature review" on an "aspect of university teaching and learning that interests you and is linked with your own teaching." The CTL also suggests that students disseminate their work. While each student will need to submit their work individually to the CTL to earn the certificate, the Queen's Pedagogy Commons will function as a venue for this aspect of the certificate, provide valuable material for a student's Teaching Dossier, and offer students the opportunity to include a non-peer reviewed essay to their list of publications.

If you have any questions regarding the CTL programs, you may contact Carolyn Hoessler, Educational Development Associate at carolyn.hoessler@queensu.ca or ctl@queensu.ca.