Teaching Assistantships

The Teaching Assistantships offered by the Queen's English Department offer a competitive rate of pay in exchange for meaningful teaching experience. They offer valuable training for the academic profession without taking too much time from students’ research. In the first four years these opportunities are supplemented by internal or external award funding. Students are not expected to have sole responsibility for teaching courses until the fourth or fifth year of the PhD.

There are three tiers of Teaching Assistantships, geared toward the student’s level of study:

TierLevelMonthly HoursDutiesRemarks
Tier 1MA Year19Meeting with students, marking essaysMost of these Teaching Assistantships are linked to 200-level lecture courses. Every effort is made to match students with courses in which they have some background. Where more than one TA is required for a course, the norm is to pair one MA student with one PhD student.
PhD Years 1 and 422Meeting with students, marking essays, and delivering four lectures over two terms
Tier 2PhD Years 2–330 Tutorial leaders for ENGL 100: TAs are responsible for a group of about 30 students with whom they lead one tutorial per week and whose term work they markThe tutorials address material dealt with in the lecture portion of the course as well as writing instruction. The content of the tutorials is developed by the course instructor in consultation with the tutorial leaders, so that the doctoral students gain valuable experience in planning and leading discussion classes.
Tier 3PhD Years 4 and 5Teaching Fellowships: regular, full-responsibility teaching assignments for a term-long 200-level course.

Graduate teaching assistants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the collective agreement governing Graduate Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows at Queen's University (PDF).