Graduate News: Thesis Topics and Committees

The authors of these doctoral dissertations graciously allowed us to post their titles to give prospective graduate students a sampling of some ongoing and recently completed graduate research projects.

Jason Bourget, “Making the Men of Tomorrow: Science Fiction and the Politics of Masculinity, 1959–1974.”
Supervisor: Molly Wallace. Second Reader: Asha Varadharajan.

Don Bourne, “ ‘A Rhetoric of Annotation’: Alexander Pope’s Footnotes.”
Supervisor: Christopher Fanning. Second Reader: Leslie Ritchie.

Heather Cyr, “Almanacs and Popular Culture in England, 1540–1650.”
Supervisor: Marta Straznicky. Second Reader: Elizabeth Hanson.

Jaime Denike, “Animals and Animality Across J. M. Coetzee’s Fiction.”
Supervisor: Rosemary Jolly. Second Reader: Maggie Berg.

Cara Fabre, “Undoing Addiction: The Bipolitics of Social Suffering in Contemporary Canadian Women’s Fiction.”
Supervisor: Sam McKegney. Second Reader: Laura Murray.

Marc André Fortin, “Science Imagined | Literature Realized: Truth and Fiction in Canada.”
Supervisor: Glenn Willmott. Second Reader: Sylvia Söderlind.

Matthew Gibson, “Reading The Lord Admiral’s Men of 1590 as ‘Abstract and Brief Chronicles’: An Articulation and Demonstration of Repertory-Based Criticism.”
Supervisor: Marta Straznicky. Second Reader: Elizabeth Hanson.

Kate Hallemeier, “J. M. Coetzee and the Limits of Cosmopolitan Sympathy.”
Supervisor: Rosemary Jolly. Second Reader: Christopher Bongie.

Jelena Marelj, “Discourse Pragmatics and the Character Effect in Shakespeare.”
Supervisors: Marta Straznicky and Elizabeth Hanson

Aaron Mauro, “Tragic America: Terror, Metaphor, and the Contemporary American Novel.”
Supervisor: Molly Wallace. Second Reader: Asha Varadharajan.

Daniel Moore, “Untimely Occasions: Sons Mourning Mothers, 1903–1949.”
Supervisor: Patricia Rae. Second Reader: Gabrielle McIntire

Andrew McKendry, “The Business of Christianity: Daniel Defoe and the Discourse of Practical Religion.”
Supervisor: F.P. Lock. Second Reader: Christopher Fanning.

Rupayan Roy, “Adult Readers and the Growing ‘New Girl’ in Major American Girls’ Fiction, 1900–1920.”
Supervisor: Shelley King. Second Reader: Laura Murray.

Matt Scribner, “ ‘Ne canstu me noght knowe?’: Disguise, Crusade, and Medieval Romance.”
Supervisor: Margaret Pappano. Second Reader: Jane Tolmie

Jordan Rendell Smith, “Reconstructing William Blake’s Bible of Hell.”
Supervisor: John B. Pierce. Second Reader: Mark C. Jones.

Dale Tracy, “Critical Affect, Close Analysis, and the Compassionate Witness: Finding Beneficent Distance in Proxy Witness Poetry.”
Supervisor: Michael Snediker. Second Reader: Sylvia Söderlind.

Shannon R. Smith, “Manliness and Sport in Victorian Popular Culture.”
Supervisors: Maggie Berg and Mary Louise Adams (Queen's, Department of Kinesiology and Health Studies). Second Reader: Catherine Harland.

Erin Weinberg, “ ‘Very Tragical Mirth’: Trauma in Shakespeare’s Comedies.”
Supervisor: Marta Straznicky. Second Reader: Elizabeth Hanson.