Handbooks and Publications

English At Queen's (PDF) An overview of the English program at Queen's University. Includes information on degrees offered, class sizes and expectations, prerequisites, the Honours Program, studying abroad, and extracurricular opportunities.
Undergraduate Courses (PDF) A listing of undergraduate courses offered during the coming academic year. Detailed descriptions, including course requirements, are provided by the instructors.
ENGL Plan Overviews (PDF) A one-page summary of the plans offered by the department, together with sample course selections.
Departmental Statement on Academic Integrity (PDF) Departmental policy requires this document to be distributed with every undergraduate syllabus. It explains the benefits of correct citation, lists several practices that qualify as plagiarism, outlines the penalties that apply to these practices, and directs students toward further reading on this subject. Approved by the Department May 2009, revised May 2013.
Creative Writing (PDF) Information on the Department's creative writing course offerings and the instructor, Carolyn Smart.
ENGL 590/3.0 Senior Essay Option (PDF) Detailed information about the Senior Essay Option (ENGL 590/3.0), including the length and format of the essay, the stages involved in preparing it, the role of the supervisors, and the prerequisite.