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    Environmental Career Day
    March 11, 2010
    University of Toronto

    From Alternatives Journal

    BRING FOOD HOME   A conference connecting Ontario's farm and food networks.
    March 4-6, 2010 Kitchener, ON

    * Training for Emerging
    * Community Food Security
    * Strengthening Regional Economies
    * Sustaining Food Production-Farm, City and Countryside
    * Policy and Planning

    "Bring food home" is a seemingly simple directive, one that immediately brings to mind a shopping cart and a family dinner table. But in the case of the upcoming conference sponsored by FoodNet Ontario, Sustain Ontario and other partners it means so much more.

    To a low-income earner bringing food home necessitates sometimes difficult choices. It may be the choice between nutrition and empty, hunger-abating calories or the choice between food and some of the other necessities of life. To someone who works in their community promoting healthy choices, bringing food home encompasses the areas of nutrition, health, education and community engagement. Farmers, challenged by a global trading system that places control and profits in the hands of a few multinationals, are re-examining the opportunities to bring food home to local consumers. Others, conscious of the challenges of climate change, peak energy and environmental degradation, see the decision-making power that brings food home as a universal right. To a community, bringing food home is part of the discussion and planning to develop a local sustainable food system.

    The conference will bring together a broad range of participants from diverse regions and sectors, including farmers, food enterprises, health promoters, community groups and government organizations. The purpose of this gathering is to facilitate our learning and working together to create food systems that are healthy, just, accessible, culturally appropriate, financially viable and sustainable.

    Our own Nicola Ross will be participating in a panel discussion, "How to Make Your Food Stories the Media's First Course," scheduled for Friday, March 5 from 12:30 to 1:30. This panel will discuss food and farming issues that are in the news and of interest to the public. Join food writers from different media outlets in a discussion about how to shape our messages to be of interest to a wider public and get good food news on the front page.

    Session participants:
    Nicola Ross, executive editor of Alternatives Journal
    Sarah Elton, freelance writer and author of Locavore Lorraine Johnson, freelance writer and author of City Farmer: Adventures in Urban Food Growing
    Elbert Van Donkersgoed, editor of the Plumbline: Perspectives on good food and farming Catherine Porter, Toronto Star columnist

    We hope to see you there!
    The Alternatives Team

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