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Queen's University

Philip G. Jessop

Professor and Canada Research Chair in Green Chemistry

Philip Jessop

Contact Information

Office: Chernoff, Room 412
Phone: 613.533.3212
Fax: 613.533.6669

Mailing Address: Department of Chemistry
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario
Canada, K7L 3N6

Department & Associations

Department of Chemistry


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Academic Training

PhD (Inorganic Chemistry), University of British Columbia (1991)
BSc (Applied Chemistry), University of Waterloo.

General Academic & Research Interests

Philip Jessop teaches both at the graduate and undergraduate level in the Department of Chemistry. He was cross-appointed to the School of Environmental Studies in 2006 and has been active as one of the Undergraduate Academic Advisors for ENSC-Chemistry students. Philip's research focuses on developing chemical processes that are environmentally sustainable by reducing pollutants and toxic releases. A recent research project culminated in the development of an environmentally-friendly process to separate water from crude oil, which has the potential to decrease the energy use in oil production, lower the cost of cleanup of oil-contaminated sites, and reduce water use in Canada's tar sands oil production.

Areas of Potential or Present Thesis/Project Supervision

Development of "green" solvents and raw materials for the preparation of pharmaceuticals and other products; reduction of hazardous solvent waste; recycling of waste carbon dioxide; switchable surfactants for use in the oil industry; hydrogen storage in hydrogen-powered vehicles.
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Courses Taught at Queen's

CHEM 414 Catalysis
CHEM 312 Transition Metal Chemistry
CHEM 803 Scientific Communication
CHEM 326 Environmental and Green Chemistry
CHEM 912 Green Chemistry


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P. G. Jessop, D. J. Heldebrant, X. Li, C. A. Eckert and C. L. Liotta, "Reversible Nonpolar-to-Polar Solvent" Nature (2005) 436, 1102.

C. D. Ablan, D. Sheppard, E. J. Beckman, M. M. Olmstead, and P. G. Jessop, "Solubility of Several Analogues of Triphenylphosphine in Carbon Dioxide" Green Chem. (2005) 7, 590 - 594.

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