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PhD - The minimum guaranteed funding is $19,000 per year for 48 months.  For 2014-15, this minimum was raised to $20,000.

MES - The minimum guaranteed funding for 2014-15 is $18,000/year to students who are accepted into our program. This stipend is our Basic level of funding and is pro-rated based on the duration of study: 20 months (5 semesters) for a course-based MES, and 24 months (6 semesters) for a research-based MES. Students holding scholarships and bursaries have a higher levels of funding.


Funding is made up of a combination of Queen's Graduate Awards (QGA), School support, Supervisor/Advisor research funds (RA), external scholarships and Queen's internal fellowships and bursaries and teaching assistantships (TA).

For this level of funding the assumption is made that students will TA in ENSC undergraduate courses in both years for MES and 4 years for PhD. If a student chooses not to TA or is unable to fulfill their duties, funding will be decreased accordingly.

TA assignments will be made according to the four level preference system outlined in the Collective Agreement for PSAC Local 901 which covers Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows. ENSC courses offered and details about the number of TA positions available in each course will be posted on the CareersTab on the School website.

Select Job Postings.

The TA position information will be found under Graduate Positions.  Follow the instructions for the position title: Teaching Assistantships (TA) available in the School of Environmental Studies to apply.

The Graduate Assistant is your best resource for funding information.  A funding spreadsheet for each MES student is prepared at the start of the academic year.


PhD funding



Guaranteed minimum funding for PhD students is $19,000/yr.  For 2014-15, Basic funded students will receive $20,000.

MES funding



Guaranteed minimum funding for MES students is $16,000/yr. For 2014-15 Basic funded students will receive $18,000.
Link to Graduate School Funding
A comprehensive view of funding available for Graduate Students at Queen's.
External Scholarships: Students are strongly encouraged to apply for major national (NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR)  in the year prior to applying to our program (scholarship applications are typically due in the early fall). Current students must apply if eligible to be considered for the internal fellowships and bursaries competition in the Spring of each year.  Please consult the Graduate Office in your current department for specifics or visit our Awards and Scholarships page for details of offerings and deadlines.
Tuition, Fees & Cost of Living
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Explanation of Terms

Queen's Graduate Award (QGA): Full-time funding eligible graduate students receive Queen's Graduate Awards as part of their funding packages in years 1 and 2 of their program for Master's level and years 1 to 4 for PhD level. This funding is administered by the School of Graduate Studies based on departmental recommendations through the Graduate Assistant. QGA allocations are made to departments based on the number of funding eligible graduate students each year.
Teaching Assistantships (TA):

Our department engages graduate students to work as Teaching Assistants, helping with ENSC undergraduate teaching and tutorial work. Students will be assigned 2 TAships (130 hours) per academic year except for major external scholarship holders who will be assigned 1 TA.  No student will be required to do more than 2 TA ships in an academic year but students may request additional TA work if the hours worked do not exceed 10 hrs/week/term.

The Graduate Assistant works in consultation with students and course instructors to assign TAships according to need and interest. 


Since 2011-12 -  TA assignments are made according to the four level preference system outlined in the Collective Agreement for PSAC Local 901 which covers Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows.


A Teaching Assistant Form (TAF) is completed at the beginning of each term to outline the duties and responsibilities of the graduate student and course instructor.


Students who decide to opt out of TA duties, must make their request in writing to the Graduate Chair and discuss options with their supervisor/advisor and the Graduate Chair for alternate funding arrangements. 

Students unable to fulfill their TA duties will not receive TA funding.

Research Assistantships (RA):

Supervisors and advisors will be required to contribute to the stipend of Basic funded students to meet the minimum stipend each year. This will be paid to the students as an RA and is considered taxable income. Supervisors and advisors will be asked to consider raising the minimum stipend of their students above the guaranteed amounts by RA support from their research grants.


From time to time, financial support from the School of Environmental Studies is provided through an RA contract where needed.

Queen's Internal Fellowships and Bursaries and Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS):

Fellowships are established by university benefactors to lend additional financial support to our graduate students. Most fellowship nominations are adjudicated by the Fellowship Committee of the School of Graduate Studies through annual competitions. Fellowships are based on academic merit and do not require an application from a graduate students.  Applications received on or before March 1 and meet the academic requirements of the awards are considered for this funding. Current students must show application for external funding if they qualify to be considered for the internal competitions.  


Fellowship awards range in value from several hundred dollars to $15,000 for one or two years. In all cases, students with high academic qualifications receive preferential consideration.


Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS) are now administered through the Universities.  Information will be posted when it becomes available from SGS.

International Student Tuition Bursary (ITA): Each academic year  International graduate students will receive $5,000 by deposit into their tuition account with the University. This is in addition to the guaranteed minimum funding.  There is no need to apply.  This is guaranteed for funding eligible PhD students and at the discretion of the Department for Master's level students.
Graduate Entrance Tuition Award (GETA)
Our department is allocated two GETAs per academic year.  The value of the award is equal to domestic tuition fees for one year and is administered to an incoming MES student by the School of Graduate Studies based on a recommendation from the department through the Graduate Assistant.  The recipient must have achieved an average of at least 80% in the last two years of study.  As this award is not used to offset higher tuition fees paid by International students, it acts as a bonus amount to the recipient's stipend for the year.  For 2014-15, this award was $6,415.

Check individual agencies for information about the various funding opportunities.

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