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Sunny Lam '07


You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him to find it within himself. (Galileo)

B.Sc.(Honours), MES '07

Thesis Title:
Urban Agriculture in Kingston - Potential for Relocalization and Sustainability

Research Description:
Environment is the basis for food and food is the basis for human society - without it you cannot have a civilization as we know it now (and I can back that claim up or you could read Guns, Germs and Steel or Collapse by Jared Diamond). Yet it is obvious we take food and environment for granted. My research has been more than just knowledge it has been a journey of re-discovery - about society and what it means to be alive and able to think deeply. Urban agriculture is not a magic bullet and yet without a local sustainable food system as the symbolic basis, can you possibly have anything else sustainable for long? It is the starting point towards initiating dynamic balance - synthesizing and adapting living elements and the non-living elements to create the best of both worlds or the best compromise - one that constantly shifts and adapts instead of being rigid and stagnant as our current societal system appears to be (and often to a great extreme). What I've learned has drawn me into being involved with food security and public health initiatives, farmers' unions, organic agriculture advocates and even green politics. Of course, I could just as easily vanish into the woods yet what fun would that be? Action is life.

Career Path:

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Independent consultant and researcher: food systems, urban agriculture, sustainability, communications, marketing.

Organizer (Communications, Outreach and Business Development)
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