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Intern Opportunities

Sharkwater Productions Inc. has Intern positions available for people with a passionate interest or background in environmental issues / activism.

We are in development on our new feature film, Rise Again.

Rise Again is a film about how humans are going to survive the next 100 years, pointing to revolutions of past to hopefully further the most important revolution of our time, saving humanity. Rise again will take audiences on an incredible journey working with conservation groups to protect the planet, ecosystems, and ensure survival of our species.

We are looking for great environmental stories, initiatives, events and journeys to feature in the film, providing huge amounts of exposure to the cause and conservation groups profiled. We're looking for initiatives and efforts taking place over the next 18 months, that will hopefully have a tangible positive result at the end - rallies in the streets, the creation of a conservation area, new policy in place, etc.

Much of the intern work will entail researching these stories.

I have outlined the different positions below and welcome any interested parties to apply!

This is a great way to gain experience in a feature film production. Please send resume's to
If you want to learn more about our company - visit

Positions start immediately!


Kristen Frame(Kristen Frame


We are looking to find a literary enthusiast who enjoys learning about the environment and all that surrounds the issue. This intern would be asked to read a book - about one per week - and then teach that book to the director (Rob Stewart) through a dissertation or a one hour session in person. If interested, please send a letter outlining your credentials and any other information that tells us why you would make a great tutor! Emails can be sent to

We are looking for dedicated interns eager to learn and source out the endless information needed to create a documentary. Ideal candidates would be well versed on current issues concerning conservation and the social and political issues that surround it. These interns will work out of the production office in Liberty Village

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