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Welcome to The School of Environmental Studies

Our environment is under stress and the search for solutions is anything but simple: it requires an interdisciplinary approach to education and collaborative problem-solving. The School of Environmental Studies offers academic programs and scholarly research emphasizing the diverse contributions of the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities to understanding and addressing environmental problems. We also engage with government, industry and community stakeholders to pursue meaningful environmental research and sustainable practices.

What We Offer

  • Interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate training emphasizing environmental sustainability
  • Award-winning undergraduate courses highlighting inquiry-based and service learning
  • Active graduate students conducting original environmental research supported by major scholarships
  • Distinguished and internationally-recognized faculty focused on environmental chemistry and toxicology; ecosystem and human health; and environment and society
  • Engaged community of faculty, staff and students seeking to educate, challenge and lead the charge of achieving environmental sustainability locally and globally.
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ENSC 103: Environment & Sustainability gives students the opportunity to engage with environmental citizenship and sustainability using inquiry-based learning strategies to stimulate interdisciplinary learning, thinking, and questioning. For more information see the Principal's Dream Course webpage, and the Queen's Gazette.

Offers for admission to our graduate programs are currently being sent out to successful applicants.

We maintain a waiting list and will continue to accept applicants to the waiting list until enrolment is full for 2017-2018. Contact us for more information or apply now!