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ENSC502 - Current and Past Projects

2013/14 - Course Coordinator (Brian Cumming)

Final submissions in PDF format can be viewed at


Supervisor(s) (Examiner)

Title of Report

Vanessa Bourne Dr. B. Cumming (S. Arnott)
Chironomid assemblage changes and deformity prevalence in lakes impacted by uranium mining in northern Saskatchewan, Canada
Jessica Buttery Dr. W. Mabee (G. van Loon)
Increasing Organic Agriculture in Ontario Using Local Food Distribution Systems
Amelia Corrigan Dr. S. Arnott (J. Smol)
Assessing the impact of soft-water calcium decline on the life-histories strategies of various daphnia species
Kaitlyn Cyr Dr. G. Whitelaw (A. Goebel)
An Assessment of Watershed Management Practices for the Sustainable Expansion of Hydropower: A Case Study of the Trent River Watershed, Ontario
Kira MacDougall Dr. V. Langlois (P. Hodson)
Acute Toxicity of Diisoheptyl Phthalate and Diisononyl Phthalate to Oryzias latipes
Andrew Mendelson Dr. N. Scott (W. Mabee)
Substituting Biofuel for Coal: Determining the Optimal Perennial Grass Species and Nitrogen Fertilization Level for Bioenergy Production in Eastern Ontario
Clare Nelligan Dr. J. Smol (S. Arnott)
A Paleolimnological Assessment of Cladoceran Assemblage Changes in Two Lakes from Northern Ontario’s “Ring of Fire”
Diana Zeng Dr. J. Smol (N. Scott)
Using Paleolimnology to Assess the Impacts of Historical Insecticide Use on Chironomid Assemblages in the St. Lawrence River, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2012/13 - Course Coordinator (Louise Winn)

Final submissions in PDF format can be viewed at


Supervisor(s) (Examiner)

Title of Report

Laura Gibson

R. Lavoie//L. Campbell (V. Langlois)

Relationships Between Blood Mercury Concentrations and Oxidative Stress in Phalacrocorax auritus

Meagan King

S. Arnott (B. Cumming)

Assessing the probability and impact of secondary invasions of Hemimysis anomala to inland lakes of Ontario

Garrett Morandi

P. Hodson (S. Brown)

Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships for chronic toxicity of alkyl-benz[a]anthracenes to early life-stages Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes)
Colin Robinson
B. Cumming
Possible climate-related shifts in diatom assemblages in Wolf Lake (Adirondack Park, NY) during the Hypsithermal: A Holocene-scale paleolimnological perspective

2011/12 - Course Coordinator (Brian Cumming)

Final submissions in PDF format can be viewed at


Supervisor(s) (Examiner)

Title of Report

Kathleen Alexander

S. Moore (G. van Loon)

A Comparative Analysis of Production and Resource Efficiency: Small versus Large Farms in U.S. Agriculture

Lucas Brehaut

R. Danby (S. Arnott)

Local and Landscape Variables Influencing the use of Ponds by Wood Frogs (Lithobates sylvaticus) in the Shakwak Valley, Yukon

Elisa Cheng

J. Smol (B. Cumming)

Assessing the responses of Cladocera to a failed exploratory hydrocarbon drilling-mud sump in the Mackenzie Delta uplands (Northwest Territories, Canada)
Evan Hall R. Danby (P. Martin) Group Size, Habitat Use and Behavioral Ecology of Amazon River Dolphins (Inia geoffrensis and Sotalia fluviatilis) in the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, Peru
Jean Holloway V. Remenda (N. Scott) Analysis of Tyrrell Sea Deposits from the Vicinity  of the Victor Diamond Mine: Comparison of Four North American Clay Deposits
Sinead Murphy R. Danby (N. Scott)

Soil Properties of Forest-Grassland Ecotones in Southwest Yukon

Lindsay Rollick K. Kyser (L. Winn) A Passive or Active Biogenic Origin of the Whitings Phenomenon by Synechococcus bacillaris

2010/11 - Course Coordinator (Brian Cumming)


Supervisor(s) (Examiner)

Title of Report

Crane, Annie

G. Whitelaw/L. Viswanathan (GPHY)

Intervening with agriculture: a participatory action case study of guerrilla gardening in Kingston, Ontario |PDF|

Kim, Susan

W. Mabee (E. Fraser)

Organic and conventional agriculture: Assessing synergies between agricultural approaches |PDF|

Munro, Fiona
S. Lougheed (R. Danby) A geographical perspective and analysis of research on Queen's University Biological Station land: past trends and present significance |PDF|
Oswald, Taylor
R. Danby/G. Whitelaw Environmental impact of the salmon industry: a comparison of scientific, governmental and stakeholder perspectives in British Columbia
Summers, Jamie
J. Smol (P. Hodson) Midge-­based paleolimnological assessment of historical water quality changes in Poplar Bay, Lake of the
Woods, Ontario|PDF|

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