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Graduate Students - Communications Power Laboratory

Andrew Dickson, MASc candidate, Battery Power Management System and Digital Control Technology

Chris Fiorentino, MASc candidate, Digital Control Techniques for Power Converters with Power Factor Correction

Zhiyuan Hu, PhD candidate, Digitally Controlled Resonant DC-DC Converters

Laili Wang, Postdoctoral Fellow, High Efficiency Isolated DC-DC Conversion and Transformer Design


Dong Wang (Postdoctoral Fellow 2009-2011), High Efficiency Isolated DC-DC Conversion and Digital Control

Liang Jia (MASc 2011), Digital Control Techniques to Achieve Optimal Dynamic Performance for Power Converters 

Jizhen Fu (MASc 2010) Resonant Gate Drive and VRMs

Ming Chen (PhD 2010), Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters

Eric Meyer (PhD 2009), DC-DC Converter Control

Zhiliang Zhang (MSc 2005, PhD 2009), Resonant Gate Drive, VRMs

Wilson Eberle (MSc 2003, PhD 2008), DC-DC Converters, Gate Drive

Amr Elnady (Postdoctoral Fellow 2006-2007), Power Quality Control

Guang Feng (PhD 2004), Converter Digital Control

Yongtao Han (MSc 2003), Magnetics

Ping Lin (Postdoctoral Fellow 2007), High Switching Frequency Converters

Xiaodong Liu (Visiting Professor 2008), Low Voltage, High Current, High Efficiency Converters

Wayne Lu (MSc 2004), Converter Modeling, PFC

Alex Perry (MSc 2002), DC-DC Converter Control

Zhihua Yang (MSc 2005), VRMs, Resonant Gate Drive

Sheng Ye (MSc 2003, PhD 2008), VRMs, EMC

Kai Xu (MSc 2008), DC-DC Converters, Resonant Gate Drive

Wanfeng Zhang (PhD 2004), Converter Digital Control, PFC

Xianzhi Zhou (Visiting Professor 2008), High Switching Frequency Converters