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MembersP.C. Sen

P.C. Sen

Dr. Paresh C. Sen
Professor Emeritus
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
604 Walter Light Hall
Queen’s University
Kingston, ON   K7L 3N6
Phone: (613) 533-2942
Fax: (613) 533-6615
senp [at] queensu.ca

Dr. Paresh C. Sen is Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Queen's University and a Fellow of the IEEE.

Dr. Sen is the recipient of the 2008 IEEE Industry Applications Society Outstanding Achievement Award and the 2006 IEEE Canada Outstanding Educator Award. Dr. Sen authored two internationally acclaimed text books, Principles of Electric Machines and Power Electronics and Thyristor DC Drives, both published by John Wiley, and used world-wide. He has been consistently rated by students at Queen's ECE as a top instructor in the department. As a supervisor of M.Sc. and Ph.D. students, he sets a high standard and guides them to achieve that goal. As an expert in his area of research, Dr. Sen has presented invited plenary session talks at several international conferences.

Dr. Sen is internationally recognized as an authority in the field of electric motor drives and power electronics. Among his various outstanding contributions, his earlier work on thyristor control of reactive power led to the replacement of rotary synchronous condensers by static circuits to regulate voltage in power systems. His work on chopper control of induction motors enabled Hitachi Electric Co. to make pump drives with simple and effective control. His work on vector control using stator flux orientation has contributed to the development of a new generation of high performance ac motor drives. Dr. Sen solved the chattering problem in sliding mode control of motor drives to make such drives practically feasible. His pioneering work on a versatile, dynamically robust control technique provided superior performance compared to then available techniques used for power supplies. His proposed double injection of ripple voltage technique provided best input-output performance in ac-dc power supplies for computer and telecommunication systems.

Dr. Sen served IEEE in various capacities: as an Associate Editor of Transactions, Distinguished Lecturer, Chair of the Technical Committee on Power Electronics and Energy Systems, organizer of special technical sessions at international conferences, chair of technical sessions and reviewer. He served as a Scientific Liaison Officer for NSERC (a federal research granting agency in Canada), evaluating University-Industry coordinated projects.

Dr. Sen has published over 180 technical papers, five of which have been published in three IEEE Press books. He published in IEEE-IE Transactions an invited survey paper on "Electric Motor Drives and Control: Past, Present and Future."

Dr. Sen was the recipient of a Ford Foundation Fellowship and a Senior NSERC Industrial Fellowship. He is a Life Fellow of IEEE and a Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC). He was also the recipient of the Industry Applications Society - Industrial Drives Committee (IAS-IDC) prize paper award in 1986.

As an Emeritus Professor, Dr. Sen continues to be active in research, supervising graduate students and revising his book on electric machines.