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Winter 2012
Majid Pahlevaninezhad successfully defended his PhD thesis in Jan 2012 and will be staying on at ePOWER as a Postdoctoral Fellow...ePOWER Director Praveen Jain has been awarded the William E. Newell Power Electronics Award by IEEE on September 22 at the ECCE 2011 Conference in Phoenix, AZ....4th year undergrad students Matthew Mascioli, Christopher Fiorentino and Nabil Akel were awarded the First Place Prize for their final year design project Green Energy: 250W Grid-Connected Micro-Inverter for Photovoltaic Modules at the IEEE Toronto Conference for Upcoming Engineers Design Competition held May 5 at Ryerson University. The team went on to receive an honourable mention at the Rochester Institute of Technology IEEE Student Design Competition....ePOWER spin-off company SPARQ Systems received North American certification for its innovative solar microinverter system.

Spring 2011
Queen's spinoff company CHiL Semiconductor, founded by ePOWER Director Dr. Praveen Jain, was sold to International Rectifier Corp. of California in March 2011 for $75 million....ePOWER congratulates fourth-year undergraduate Engineering students Nabil Akel, Chris Fiorentino and Matthew Mascioli who have been awarded first place in both the Queen's 490 Competition and the IEEE Eastern Ontario student project competition for their project "Green Energy: 250W Grid-Connected Microinverter for PV Modules"

Fall 2010
ePOWER spin-off company SPARQ Systems' made-in-Ontario solar photovoltaic technology generated buzz at San Francisco solar conference....The IEEE has announced that ePOWER Director Praveen Jain will be the 2011 recipient of the William E. Newell Power Electronics Award....ePOWER is pleased to welcome new graduate students Ting Hao, Marko Krstic and Sepide Rafiei....Newly-minted PhD grad John Lam is continuing his work at ePOWER as a MITACS Industrial Fellow.

Summer 2010
ePOWER graduate students Jonathan Mash and Amish Servansing staffed the ePOWER booth at the OCE Discovery 2010 event in May at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre....ePOWER was pleased to present a seminar by Dr. Hirofumi Akagi of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, held at Queen's on Apr 26. Dr. Akagi spoke on Energy Storage Systems Using Bidirectional Isolated DC-DC Converters....ePOWER congratulates newly-minted PhDs Wennan Guo, Ali Khajehoddin and John Lam....ePOWER Visiting Research Student Pritam Das successfully defended his PhD thesis at the University of Western Ontario in April, and has joined ePOWER as a postdoctoral fellow.

Spring 2010
ePOWER PhD candidate Ali Moallem was awarded Favourite 4th Year TA by ECE undergrads at the ECE Banquet held on 6 April 2010.......ePOWER Director Dr. Praveen Jain has been awarded a 5-year NSERC Discovery Grant.......ePOWER PhD candidate Eric Meyer successfully defended his dissertation in Dec 2009 and is now employed as a Senior Power Designer with AMD in Toronto.......ePOWER PhD candidateJohn Lam have submitted successful applications to the MITACS Elevate Industrial Fellowship program, and start work on their fellowships at ePOWER this spring after defending their PhD theses.......Brian Cheng, Colin Clark, and Marko Krstic placed second in the IEEE Eastern Ontario Student Oral Papers competition for their Efficient LED Lighting Ballast project, supervised by Dr. Praveen Jain and PhD candidate Darryl Tschirhart of ePOWER.

News Releases

Queen’s researcher-innovator recognized by world’s largest engineering association
Sept. 22, 2011
For immediate release

KINGSTON, ON -- A Queen’s University researcher specializing in energy- and cost- efficient power electronic technologies has been recognized by the world’s largest professional technology advancement association for his work in the field of power conversion.

Dr. Praveen Jain, Canada Research Chair in Power Electronics at Queen’s, has been named the 2011 recipient of the William E. Newell Power Electronics Award by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). It is the organization’s highest award in the field of power electronics. Dr. Jain is being honoured for his advancements in the theory and practice of high-frequency power conversion systems.

“This award is highly deserved,” says Dr. Steven Liss, Vice-Principal (Research) at Queen’s. “Dr. Jain’s work has positioned Queen’s as a global leader in power electronics and power conversion research and commercialization. Equally importantly, he has created valuable, hands-on learning opportunities for his students, who are experiencing the challenges and the rewards of helping to move his breakthrough technologies to market.”

Director of the Queen’s University Centre for Energy and Power Electronics Research (ePOWER), Dr. Jain is a world renowned expert in power electronics and a highly successful serial entrepreneur. He was the founder of CHiL Semiconductor, which was recently sold to International Rectifier for $75 million, and has worked with a wide array of industries, including Ballard Power, Canadian Aeronautics, General Electric, Intel and Nortel Networks.

His most recent efforts have focused on developing advanced photovoltaic (PV) microinverter products and systems, now being brought to market by Kingston-based SPARQ Systems Inc., a spinoff company of PARTEQ Innovations, the technology transfer office of Queen’s.

Microinverters are the heart of solar panel installations, converting direct current, harvested by the panel, into alternating current compatible with the electric utility grid. Dr. Jain’s technology uses advanced digital control techniques that eliminate unreliable hardware, creating a more efficient, compact and lightweight microinverter that meets both the current and future needs of the rapidly evolving solar industry. It also enables homeowners and small businesses to connect solar panels to the grid at reasonable prices.

The SPARQ microinverter was recently approved for use across North America.

Academically, Dr. Jain’s research contributions have resulted in more than 375 publications and 38 patents. He has secured over $15M in external research funding, and is active in most IEEE and major international conferences in the power electronics field. He has supervised more than 75 research engineers, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students.

Dr. Jain holds a PhD from the University of Toronto and is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) and the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE). In addition to the William E. Newell Award, he is also a recipient of the Engineering Medal (R&D) from the Professional Engineers of Ontario.

“Dr. Jain’s work has resulted in a solar PV product that is truly next-generation. It is efficient, reliable, responsive and capable of being easily adapted to the increasing integration and miniaturization of solar systems,” says John Molloy, Chair of the SPARQ Board of Directors and President and CEO of PARTEQ Innovations. “The impact of his innovations in power electronics is considerable and make him a highly deserving recipient of this award.”

The award is being presented today by the IEEE at the Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition in Phoenix, Arizona. The IEEE has 395,000 members in more than 160 countries.

News releases relating to ePOWER spin-off company SPARQ Systems Inc.

News Items

News Item Date

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Kingston's Green Energy Future: Engineers Wanted

Oct 16, 2010

Carleton University Faculty of Engineering and Design
Engineering superstars honoured at the Indo-Canada Ottawa Business Chamber’s annual gala

Oct 1, 2010
CKWS-TV Newswatch
Researchers at Queen's University have taken a giant leap in the field of solar energy
Sept 17, 2010
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New energy and power research centre launched
May 7, 2009
CFL innovation makes them more efficient
April 8, 2009
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April 7, 2009
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One bright idea
April, 2009
Queen's Alumni Review
Research shines new light on compact fluorescent bulb problem
April, 2009
Queen's News Centre
Paresh Sen honoured for outstanding achievement
November 25, 2008
Queen's Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dr. P.C. Sen selected for 2008 IEEE IAS Outstanding Achievement Award
October 15, 2008
Power Electronics Society Newsletter
Praveen Jain receives $5.5 million in research funding
3rd Quarter 2008
Applied Science Engineer
ECE's Praveen Jain receives $5.5 million in research funding
Spring/Summer 2008
Queen's Journal
Where funding comes from
March 14, 2008
Queen's Gazette
$23 million for...green power
January 28, 2008
Queen's Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECE's Praveen Jain receives $5.5 million in research funding

January 18, 2008
University Affairs
Space exploration deserves our attention
January 15, 2007
Queen's Electrical and Computer Engineering
Professor Praveen Jain inducted as Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering
October 11, 2006
Queen's Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dr. Yan-Fei Liu receives OCE Award
June 5, 2006
Queen's Electrical and Computer Engineering
Next-generation digital power chip developed by Queen's professor attracts $10 million
May 8, 2006
Queen's Electrical and Computer Engineering
Congratulations to Dr. P.C. Sen who has won the IEEE Canada Outstanding Engineering Educator Award for 2006
May 8, 2006
Ottawa Citizen
Power surge: CHiL's founders exemplify the resilience of Indus entrepreneurs
January 26, 2006
Queen's Electrical and Computer Engineering
Praveen Jain to be inducted into EIC
January 17, 2006
Engineering Dimensions
Engineering stars shine at OPEA gala
January/February 2006
India-Canada Association Newsletter
Dr. Paresh Sen and Dr. Praveen Jain
Queen's Electrical and Computer Engineering
Industry professional becomes ePEARL's new Senior Lab Engineer
March 14, 2005
Queen's Electrical and Computer Engineering
Professor Praveen Jain to receive PEO medal
November 18, 2004
Ontario Professional Engineers Awards
Gala honours engineers of excellence
November 18, 2004
Queen's Gazette
Researchers awarded funding from CFI
February 11, 2002
Queen's Gazette
Engineer awarded Canada Research Chair
July 16, 2001


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