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Research Facilities

Energy and Power Electronics Applied Research Laboratory (ePEARL)ePEARL circuits

The Energy and Power Electronics Applied Research Laboratory (ePEARL) is a state-of-the-art research facility established in 2002 with more than $3.1M in funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and the Ontario Innovation Trust (OIT).

ePEARL is comprised of five smaller laboratories:

  • a CAD laboratory for circuit analysis, simulation, and design;
  • a Hardware laboratory for the implementation and testing of circuit prototypes;
  • an EMI/EMC laboratory to ensure circuits meet various EMI standards;
  • a Magnetics and PCB laboratory used to fabricate, and populate printed circuit boards and to design and test magnetic components;
  • and a Silicon Integration laboratory where integrated circuits can be packaged and tested.

ePEARL accommodates up to thirty researchers, and brings together academic and industrial researchers to develop a broad range of applications and expertise, from power transmission (generator to main distribution transformer) to alternative energy (including fuel cells, solar power and wind power) to power consumption (such as that found in communications and computer power systems) to power application-specific integrated circuits (PASIC). Fundamental and applied research conducted at ePEARL is resulting in the development of new energy efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly power electronic technologies.