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Queen's University

Policy Advisory Working Group

Lead:  Lon Knox, University Secretariat

Coordinator:  Heidi Penning, Equity Advisor, Equity Office


  • Roxy Dennison-Stewart, Associate Dean Student Affairs
  • Victoria Remenda, Associate Professor, Department of Geological Sciences & Engineering
  • Jeanette Parsons and/or Lee Fisher-Goodchild, Disability Services
  • Sarah Libera, Accessibility Queen's Co-Chair
Requirements Effective Date

Prepare an accessibility policy. ODA 2001, c. 32,s. 16(1)


Address the identification, removal, and prevention of barriers to persons with disabilities in our by-laws, policies, programs, practices and services. ODA 2001, c. 32, 2.15 (2)


Establish policies, practices and procedures governing provision of goods and services to person with disabilities that deals with use of assistive devices and when communicating, take into account the person's disability. 429/07, s. 3

January 01, 2010

Develop and implement policies, practices, and procedures governing use of service animals and support persons. 429/07, s. 4

January 01, 2010

Develop and implement policies, practices, and procedures that set out the steps taken in connection with temporary disruption. 429/07, s.5

January 01, 2010

Develop document describing training policy. 429/07, s.6

January 01, 2010

Establish a process for receiving and responding to feedback. Develop document describing feedback process. 429/07, s. 7 & 191/11, s.11

January 01, 2010 & January 01, 2014

Provide notice of availability of documents required by this Regulation. 429/07, s. 8

January 01, 2010

Provide documents in a format that takes into account the person’s disability, upon request. 429/07, s.9

January 01, 2010

Develop, implement, & maintain policies that includes a statement of organizational commitment governing how Queen’s will achieve accessibility through meeting 191/11 requirements. 191/11, s.3

January 01, 2013

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