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Equity Office

Queen's Equity Appointments Process (QEAP)

New Faculty Appointments

The Equity Office is mandated to collect, track and report on equity data as it pertains to the faculty applicants. Under the Queen's University Faculty Association (QUFA) collective agreement, the equity data is further used to inform the Employment Equity Representative (EE Rep) during the hiring process and the Equity Office in completing the annual compliance reports to the Joint Committee for the Administration of the Agreement (JCAA). Please refer to Article 24 of the QUFA CA found below:

Article 24 on Employment Equity, QUFA Collective Agreement

The Queen's Equity Appointments Process (QEAP) has replaced the Faculty Appointments Database (FAD). The EE Rep will need to begin the process by contacting the Equity Office for initial access to the application.


QEAP User Manual

QEAP Online Application

If you are still completing a competition from 2016 and require access to FAD, you can login here.



Video Training Demos

#1 Login to QEAP





#2 Starting a Competition





#3 Adding Committee Members





#4 Completing the Advertising Section





#5 Entering in Applicants





#6 Shortlisting your Candidates





#7 Ranking your Candidates





#8 Appointing and Completing the Process