Equity Office

Equity Office
Equity Office

Built Environment Working Group

Lead: Yvonne Holland, Planning Manager, Physical Plants Services

Coordinator:  Andrew Ashby, Accessibility Coordinator, Equity Office


  • Audrey Kobayashi, Faculty, Department of Geography
  • Maridee Osolinsky, Planner, Campus Planning
  • Chair of Student Life Centre Accessibility Committee, AMS
  • Kelly McGarry, Procurement Specialist
  • David Boughton, Director Design and Construction
  • Dan Langham, Director Environmental Health and Safety
  • Larry Pattison, M.Sc,. P.Eng Director, Engineering and Operations Physical Plant Services
  • David Grightmire, Community Member
  • Barry Kaplan, Accessibility Audit Project Manager to the BEWG
Requirements / Initiatives Effective Date

Incorporate accessibility criteria and features when procuring or acquiring goods, services, or facilities. 191/11, s.5


Incorporate accessibility features when designing, procuring, or acquiring self-service kiosks. 191/11, s.6


Newly constructed and redeveloped outdoor public-use eating areas shall adhere to accessibility requirements.


Newly constructed and redeveloped off-street parking facilities and on-street parking spaces shall adhere to accessibiliity requirements


Newly constructed and redeveloped exterior paths of travel shall adhere to accessibility requirements.


New service counters (inclusive of replacing existing service counters) shall adhere to accessibility requirements.


Fixed queuing guides shall adhere to accessibility requirements.


Newly constructed or redeveloped waiting areas where the seating is fixed to the floor shall adhere to accessibility requirements.


Queen's Accessibility Plan shall include procedures for preventative and emergency maintenance of accessible elements in public spaces as well as procedures for dealing with temporary disruptions when required accessible elements are not in working order.