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Human Rights 101 Online Training

Your eLearning source on Human Rights

This online training provides a basic understanding of rights and responsibilities under the Ontario Human Rights Code. It's for information only.

For human rights concerns, the Human Rights Office (HRO) is a confidential, university-based service provider which administers the University's Harassment and Discrimination Complaint Policy and Procedure for faculty, staff and students. The Office has advisors who assist in the resolution of harassment/discrimination complaints and provide confidential advice and assistance to those who have questions or concerns about issues related to human rights. They also help those who wish to pursue informal or formal routes of complaint resolution following an incident or harassment or discrimination. It is always the client, with the help of a Human Rights Advisor, and within the framework of the Queen's Harassment/Discrimination Procedure, who chooses the course of action to address the incident. You can contact the HRO at (613) 533-6886 or visit us at: B506 Mackintosh-Corry Hall.

Human Rights 101 discusses:

  • What you should know about human rights and discrimination.
  • Your rights and responsibilities under the Ontario Human Rights Code.
  • How to apply the Ontario Human Rights Code.

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