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Frequently Asked Questions

One member of the Appointments Committee does not have the required equity training. Can the Committee convene to discuss preliminary matters?
The Appointments Committee should not convene—to discuss administrative or substantive matters—until every member of the Committee has received the required training as per Article 24.2.1 of the Queen's University/QUFA Collective Agreement. This applies to both faculty as well as student committee members.

I believe that I have had enough training and I should be exempt from additional equity training.
According to Article 24.2.1 all persons sitting on Appointments and/or RPTC committees require training. If you believe you should NOT be required to take the training you can ask for an exemption from the JCAA.

Do students need to have equity training?
No, students are no longer required to have training based on Article 24.2.1 of the Collective Agreement.

Must a member of the sessional appointments sub-committee have EE-Rep training?
While the Equity Office does not currently monitor the equity training procedures for sessional appointments, according to the Sessional Collective Agreement, an Employment Equity Representative is required and always recommended.

I would like to take the EE Rep workshop. What requirements are there?
In order to take the EE Rep workshop, you need to first take either the RPTC or the Appointments workshop. Currently, the Equity Office offers one workshop that covers both RPTC and Appointments.

I am not planning to be the Employment Equity Representative. Do I need to take the EE Rep workshop?

I am planning to be on the Renewal, Promotional, Tenure and Continuing (RPTC) committee as well as the Appointments Committee. What workshop do I need to take?
Currently, the Equity Office offers one workshop that covers both Appointments and RPTC.

May a graduate student representative act as the Equity Representative on the personnel committee?
The Equity Office believes that it is inadvisable to have a graduate student act as the Equity Representative.