Preparing & Formatting Your Thesis

Queen’s University requires students to submit their theses and dissertations (ETDs) electronically. Students can use the available MS Word template to write their theses, store and develop their thesis in a secure online environment (QShare), and submit their final, accepted thesis electronically (in PDF format ) for archiving and distribution via the Queen’s digital repository, QSpace.

1. Using Thesis Templates

SGSR acknowledges that students write using a variety of word processors and editors. For this reason, SGS does not stipulate the use any particular authoring format in the creation of theses and dissertations. The templates are designed to assist students in formatting their theses according to the specifications set out in the General Forms of Theses.

For MS Word: Please consult the relevant “Guide” before downloading the templates

MS Word 2013/2016 (Windows)

MS Word 2011/2016 (Mac)

IMPORTANT: For ALL templates: once you download a template and begin to edit it, be sure to save your thesis document as a Microsoft Word Macro-Enabled Document (‘Save as type: Word-Macro-Enabled Document (*.docm)’! Failure to do so will disable the thesis-specific template macros embedded in the document.

Note 1: These templates are intended for students starting to prepare their thesis. If you have already written your thesis without the templates, follow the formatting outlined in the General Forms of Theses page to ensure proper formatting instead of using the templates.

Note 2: These templates are not intended for students submitting a graduate project as opposed to a thesis or dissertation in fulfillment of their degree requirements.

LaTeX Templates.  This template is supplied and maintained by graduate students in the Queen’s School of Computing.  Visit this link for more information and help: LaTex at Queen’s.

Other Word Processor Support: Queen’s does not supply nor support templates for theses authored with other word processors.  However, the MS Word templates may also work with Open Office.

2. QShare (optional thesis workspace)

QShare is an on-line file storage, distribution and sharing solution for the Queen’s community. It provides a secure, web-based file space where your thesis can be securely stored and, if desired, shared with your thesis advisor and others – anywhere, anytime.  QShare Personal accounts are available free of charge to all Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students of Queen’s University.

3. Converting Your Files to PDF

A single PDF file of the finalized thesis or dissertation is required for submission. Each student is responsible for converting their own document to PDF format and verifying the PDF version for accuracy. The thesis must be printable. So, do not password protect the submitted PDF. Supplementary multimedia files may also be submitted with your PDF file.

Adobe Acrobat Pro is mounted on all of the Queen’s Library computers. You can convert your thesis directly from within the workstation’s copy of MS Word. Queen’s only supplies and supports PDF conversion via Adobe Acrobat.

Other Options for Conversion:

  • Copy Centre: Queen’s Printing Services (Dunning Hall, room. 9) can convert your thesis from MS Word to PDF format for free, from your USB key or CD, if you have your thesis printed there.
  • Free Conversion Software: Some word processing programs have built in PDF conversion features like Open Office. There are free PDF converters which may have some or all of the features necessary to convert your particular thesis successfully.

File naming convention:  The final version of your thesis or dissertation should follow the following file naming convention:

  • lastname_firstname_middleinitial_graduationyearmonth_degree.pdf
    (e.g., Smith_Lori_L_200710_PhD.pdf)

Please note: the month in the file name should correspond to the month on the title page of your thesis.

4. Submitting Your Electronic Thesis

Guide to depositing your thesis in QSpace (PDF) (Video)

  • Log into QSpace and follow the instructions on the submission screens.
  • QSpace automatically alerts the Thesis Officer when your thesis has been successfully submitted.
  • The Thesis Officer will review the formatting of the thesis and either email acceptance or rejection with instructions for required corrections.
  • Once formatting has been corrected, the thesis must be resubmitted.

Restricted Theses. During submission, you can indicate that your thesis be restricted from any public access for a period up to five years.  Restricted status is intended to protect rights for immediate commercial publication, to obtain a patent which may rise from the research, or as a result of any contract made with a third party. For more information, consult the General Regulations – Thesis section of the School of Graduate Studies calendar.

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