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How do I get rid of the number on my title page ?

To eliminate the display of the numnber of the title page, click in the footer on the title page, from the menu bar, tick off Different First Page. The page number should have disappeared from the footer.

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Adding a page to the preliminary paging

Is there a way to add a page to the front matter? I have a page of definitions that I need to include, but want it to show up in the TOC before the chapters start. You can use one … Continue reading

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How do I remove the page number from my title page?

If you did not use the template appropriately and find the page number appearing in the footer of your title page, you can easily suppress the page number. In Windows 2003. Double-click on the page number in the title page. … Continue reading

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After generating a Section Break, page numbering jumps from 38 to 40, can’t number next page correctly as 39

You may have selected “Even Page” instead of “Next Page” when they generated the break.  This forces the next page number to the next even page number.

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