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New Levels not showing up in Table of Contents

In the text I entered the level 5 subheadings using the “styles” and they appear to have field code references (numbers are shaded in grey when I click on them), but they do not appear in the table of contents. … Continue reading

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Custom Caption Heading in TOC

I am working on the template, but the only problem is the appendix.I cannot get the caption of the figures to read as Appendix Figure A-1, etc.   It starts from the next figure, for example, if my last figure in … Continue reading

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Chapter title is not appearing in the Table of Contents

The chapter heading and number (e.g. Chapter 2) appears in the table of content but the title of the chapter does not appear there. If the Thesis Tools macros are functioning in your document, you can (a) delete the chapter … Continue reading

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Can I create my table of contents manually?

Certainly. If you have special custom headings that Word cannot accommodate, this would be the easier approach. You will, however, have to update the Contents list when you make changes. So, I would recommend not entering a manual table of … Continue reading

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Reformatting chapter headings

Is there anyway to have the Chapter Number and the Chapter Name unbundled, so that they don’t have to be the same point size and for the chapter heading to display on a separate line: Chapter 1 Name of Chapter … Continue reading

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The table of contents does not work correctly

You may not have reformatted a heading correctly.  You need to change the style of a heading. Best to use the template to generate new chapters, section headings, appendices, etc.

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