Assembling the thesis

I am having difficulty getting the chapters into the main thesis document. I have written the chapter using the chapter template and have them saved as .docx files. I have read the instructions but I seem to be missing something. Do I delete CHAPTER 1 and CHAPTER 2 and begin inserting my Chapters using the CHAPTER 3 page? Do I delete everything from the CHAPTER 3 page including the CHAPTER 3 heading?

The chapter numbering in the template is done automatically unless you have manually over-written it. When you are ready to compile your thesis in the main template, you go to chapter 3, which is where you will begin inserting your chapters. Then delete the contents of the chapter 3 page, which is there only for instruction purposes. Then you proceed to insert each chapter as instructed in the guide. As each chapter file is inserted, the chapter numbers will automatically change. So, your chapter 1 file will become chapter 3 in the main document when inserted. Your chapter 2 file will become chapter 4 when inserted, and so on.

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